RIP Grandpa

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David O. Cano  February 8th, 1937 – July 14th, 2009 Yesterday my grandpa died after a long and hard battle with cancer. He was such a loving, and caring grandpa. He taught me so many things for example, how to cut my steak, to fake out people in basketball and how to get out of chores using pure wit. My … Read More

VIDEO: David Archuleta and Demi Lovato in concert!

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There were actually two opening acts, KSM, an all girl band that is currently known for their version of “I want you to want me”, (now on ABC Family’s new hit show 10 Things I Hate About You), and American Idol runner-up David Archuleta. What an action packed opening! KSM’s spunky, upbeat, “hey this band rocks!”, sound made my friends … Read More

A present from across the world

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 My best friend Amy of bazooka comedyjust came back after an insanely long month (did i mention it was long?!!) from the country of Jordan. If you don’t quite know where that is, here’s a map. She was in Amman, Jordan for a WHOLE MONTH!Its in the middle east, which is HALF WAY AROUND THE WORLD! (it says maya but … Read More

Light show

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Me and the mom trying not to be bored. Appreciate every moment!Love, MayaSubscribe to my videos!

DIY Light Graffiti

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I learned how to do light graffiti!Light graffiti is when you take pictures while moving a flashlight around. I used a tripod and timer on my camera, and started with a basic flashlight. Once I realized how easy and cool it is, I snagged my mom’s iPhone and used the flashlight app because it changes colors and blinks. Appreciate every … Read More