The key of me

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When do I get my songI’ve been told music lifts you up where you belongWhispering sweet nothings in your earMakes me wish I could hearThe fearThe tearThe joy the happiness music bringsWhen do I get a chance to singMusic says life’s a climbWhen is it my timeTo shineThis isn’t a whineThis is a realizationFor the nationThat I’ve been playing someone … Read More

Make some crazy bunny ears!

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It’s almost Easter! I made some funky bunny ears to wear to school on Friday to celebrate! I saw these ears at Target in the dollar area and bought several to decorate!  At first I was just going to use the Tulip Glam It up Crystals. I wanted to cover the entire front of the ears with rainbow colors.   … Read More

VIDEO: One year!

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One year of maya in the moment!! Appreciate every moment!Love, MayaSubscribe to my videos!

VIDEO: How to Graffiti

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Learn how to Graffiti using Tulip’s Fashion Graffiti Cannons and Stencils! These work specially with fabric, but also paper, canvas, and wood! You can find these in Craft Stores! ilovetocreate.comAppreciate every moment!Love, MayaSubscribe to my videos!