…Remember This?

 Ahhhhhh. The things you find. Found this in the MayaInTheMoment vault.
(Lol, jk I don’t really have one…that’d be cool though……….)
Just 3 years ago Fran, the loveable character was born. Where has she gone? Rumors are spreading that Fran could be making a come back sometime soon.
What do YOU want to see from Fran?
Do you miss her?
Are her glasses too big?
Do YOU like the Cheetah Girls?
Do YOU think Raven Symone made a mistake by leaving?!
Are YOU still reading this as a question in your head?

Love, Maya
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VIDEO: Superbowl Sunday

If you’re like me, you dread this day, (unless it’s your hometown, then WOOOOOO SUPERBOWL! YEAH!)
Nothing but watching athleticly fit men running into each other just for a ball.
Don’t get me wrong though, I was totally into it last year when my hometown team, The Arizona Cardinals came so close to winning.
And Now, I’m sorta like: “Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..”
But I’m changing that frame of mind and turning it into something positive!
Appreciate every moment!
Love, Maya
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