Holiday Faves!

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Hey guys! The holidays are here, which means family, food and holiday parties. (But mostly food…) and I LOVE to get dolled up for a party. When it comes to make-up, I’ve always been low maintenance. All I need is foundation, mascara, blush and eyeliner. I don’t like make up that clumps up, or clogs up my pores. If you’re the same, Neutrogena cosmetics are super duuuper simple. Here are some of my favorites for the holiday!

  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup(Natural Ivory 20) $13.99
  • Neutrogena Crease Proof Eye Shadow(Lasting Taupe)$7.99
  • Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara  $8.99
  • Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick(Bright Berry)$8.99

    I highly suggest the healthy liquid makeup if you want a light coverage. I love it because it doesn’t feel like I have any makeup on! Another biggie for me is eye shadow because I never know what looks good with my eyes, or even how to put it on.The Crease Proof Eyeshadow is just a stick of eyeshadow! All you do is rub it on your eyelid and BAM! You’ve got a subtle yet sessi (couldn’t say that word without giggling) look! If you wanted a heavier look, just reapply. Eyelashes are EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGG. I seriously love Healthy Lengths mascara because it’s supposed to help your lashes grow longer, AND make them look bold (also bootiful). (It’s safe to wear if you have sensitive eyes, or wear contacts) Lastly, lips. If you’re going to a holiday party, you gotta rock either a bold red lip, or a cute flirty pink lip. MoistureSmooth Color Stick has a nice bright color, while still hydrating your lips. And you are gonna need that when that cute boy walks over to you with a mistletoe…*WINK WINK* hahahaha jk. That only happens in the movies.*ugly cries inside* At the end of your magical night, make sure to take off your makeup with some Makeup Removers!!

ANYWAY. These are my holiday favs because they make me feel pretty on the inside, and outside. Also because I know these products won’t ruin my face with harsh chemicals 😉

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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 This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect

MayaInTheMoment’s NYC Favs!

Hey guys! I just got back from NYC, and it was probably the best trip I have ever been on. (Mind you that this is my sixth or seventh year traveling to the Big Apple.) With that, here are my top 5 fav things I did on this New York City trip.

1. NYC in Fall
Those leaves, crisp air, and pumpkin spice lattes(do u even pumpkin spice latte?! jk) I honestly LOVE FALL. Especially in NYC. Since I’m from Arizona,(where the sun’s kisses are like satan’s farts in your face.Wait, what?) it was nice wear a jacket and scarf for once. Also, look how pretty Central Park is!!!

BoiFromIpanema playing in the leaves.

2. Central Park’s Bubble Man (Yes, BUBBLES!)
There’s this magical man in Central Park, around Bethesda Fountain. He literally has a huge net that he dips in a bucket containing magical bubble juice. Then, he waves it around and all the lil’ children gather to pop them. These bubbles are gigantic, and they were MY bubbles. (Finding Nemo reference, anyone?)


3. Eataly’s EVERYTHING.
 Oh.My.Gawt. This place is heaven. Eataly, according to the internets: “is a high-end Italian food market/mall chain which first opened in Turin, Italy, in January 2007. A New York City Eataly opened in August 2010.” 
The food is heaven. The atmosphere is heaven. The coffee is heaven. Even though it’s expensive, it’ll definitely be worth your money. I just…unffff.

4. Museum of Natural History
Yeah, nuff’ said.

 My favorite part of traveling is experiencing it with friends. BoiFromIpanema, Jeshua, is probably my favorite travel partner. (Also, possibly my favorite person, because well, he’s amazing) You gotta have a ride or die when you travel. Some who will drag out to get late night pizza because it’s tradition. (Thanks for that, btw!) It’s also good to have local friends who can show you around. Ever since Vine, I’ve befriended so many wonderful people. I was happy I got to meet some of them in NYC!

1. First night of meeting Vine friends. 
2. Second night meeting Vine friends.(Us in Action!)
3. My beautiful cousin Christina!
4. BoiFromIpanema, my favorite travel partner<3 

Overall, I always have SO much fun whenever I go to New York. If you’re planning on a vacation, I recommend this wonderful place. Bring comfortable shoes though. (Btw, Thank you Justice, for letting me borrow your winter clothes and boots. <3) I <3 New York. Every time I come back, I always feel like the possibles are endless. I feel so inspired to kick up my career, and to some day reside in the big city. Until next time, New York!

QUESTION: What are YOUR travel favorites?

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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Katy Perry Lashes by Elure Review!

Hey everyone! This is first of many beauty reviews! I LOVE false eyelashes. I think they’re a great enhancement that’ll light up your face, and eyes. (OoLaLa!) I’ve seen Katy Perry Lashes  in Target for quite sometime now and have always been curious to try them.(They are also $6.99…) So, I built up the courage to try them and see what the hype was about. (What a tough decision…I know.) Ms. Perry’s has four different lashes:

I picked these!

 The application was super easy, considering the glue came with a tiny wand, Rather than getting it all goopy on your fingers, or cotton swab. The directions provide wonderful tips and suggestions on how to perfectly apply and fit them. This was a SUPER easy process. Usually by the end of my application process, I’m so fed up with trying to reglue…I just rip them off. haha..serious. I DREAD putting these little suckers on. Until now! Thanks Katy Perry and Eylure, I didn’t want to rip these off. 😉 I give these lashes FOUR out of Five Heart Flutters!!

Love, Maya
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DIY Bangle using Scotch Colors adn Patterns Duct Tape!

Hey Guys! MayaInTheMoment here, bringing you another easy and cute craft using Scotch Colors&Patterns Duct Tape! So, if you’re like me, and you LOVE bright colors,bangles, AND recycling, then you’ll love this project!


Cut 5″ of Scotch tape, then cut into skinny strips. The more colors the better! Starting on the inside wrap strips around tape roll.This is where you can play around with the color patterns. Since
 Scotch Colors&Patterns Duct tape has so many patterns and colors to choose from, Go crazy and mix colors together, or use the color blocking technique! In this video I used both styles. This bangle will definitely make your outfit POP! Have fun!

This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape

Take the Style that Sticks quiz to find your personal style and for the chance to win free samples!

Love, Maya
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DIY Bow Necklace!

Duct tape jewelry? Doesn’t sound classy, right? Wrong! I whipped up a batch of duct tape bows are easy to make and with the variety of Scotch Colors and Patterns available, you’ll never run out of ideas. If you’re like me, you’ll end up making a big batch. I used them for pins, rings and my favorite – necklaces. Here’s a classy spin on duct tape!

-Cutting Mat
-Necklace Chain
-Needlenose Pliers
-Hole Punch
-4 Jumps Rings
-Necklace Clasp


To make a 3” bow, cut a 15” strip with craft knife. Cut two half-inch strips for the backing and the center of the bow. Then fold long strips together, and fold ends into center. Using one of the two half-inch strips, seal the back. It’ll look like a chunky bracelet. Pinch center to create the bow look, and wrap the last half-inch strip around the bow.

Punch a hole in the back top layer on each side of the bow.

Attach jump ring to each side.
Cut two 9” strips of necklace chain, and attach chain to jump rings.
Close jump rings tightly with needlenose pliers.
At a jump ring on one of end necklace chain, then add the necklace clasp on the other side using needlenose pliers.
Hope you had as much fun as I did! 🙂

This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape
Take the Style that Sticks quiz to find your personal style and for the chance to win free samples.

Love, Maya
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Wave For Change Twitter Party!!!

 Theme: Creating Change Through Education

Date: Wednesday, July 25th

Time: 6:00PM PST – 7:30PM PST / 9:00PM EST – 10:30PM EST

Where: On Twitter with the Hashtag #WaveforChange.

Celebrity Guest: Actress and musician Sandra Echeverría @SandraEcheverr

Hosts: @BlogsByLatinas @JeannetteKaplun @LatinMami @MamaXXI @MayaintheMoment @ThoughtsofaMomy

Moderated by: @lbconnect and @laflowers

Prizes: Three winners! $100 Gift Card each and Neutrogena products

To be eligible to win, you must join the party and participate during the hour with an original tweet (RT´s not eligible) using the #WaveforChange hashtag and answer the Giveaway questions correctly.

You can join us by following the #WaveforChange hashtag via any Twitter platform. You could win $100 gift card AND Neutrogena products!

Here’s a customized tweetgrid with all the hosts and guests: or on Tweetchat:

Love, Maya
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CRAFT: Dyed Tuxedo Jeans!

 I recently purged heaps-o-clothes from my closet. I had clothes from when I was in grade school, but I didn’t want to part with them. I hardly had any room to live in my room, I had so many clothes. So I packed them up in bags and donated them.

But jeans…that’s another story. I hate to part with jeans that I like and ones that fit well! But I felt that with my new room makeover, I need to makeover some jeans too! So I did something fun and dyed a boring pair with teal and fuchsia tie-dye!

My finished jeans! The teal really gives them new life!

Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit in NEON
A plastic table liner
A spray bottle with water
A pair of jeans

 STEP ONE: Dampen the jeans. You can put them through the wash and take them out while they are damp, or you can use a spray bottle with water. Because denim is so thick, you really need to make sure they are wet so the dye will soak in and spread evenly.

 STEP TWO: Mix the fuchsia bottle – just add water and shake. Draw a thick line down the sides of the jeans. Flip them over and do the other side too. Just along the outside of the leg.

 STEP THREE: Now mix and add the teal. You’ll need tow bottles for this, one for the front and one for the back. Inside the kit there is an extra packet of teal dye. Make sure the pants are wet and then after you add the dye, rubs your hands up and down the pant legs to make sure the dye is evenly coated all over the denim. Flip the pants over and do the same.

 STEP FOUR: Wrap them up in the plastic bag, and let them sit overnight or for six hours. Wash in the machine in cold water and dry as usual!

Thanks for checking out my project! Please come visit me on my Facebook page!

Love, Maya
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CRAFT: Gumball Toy Headband!

  It’s summer time, neon colors are in- combine with the fact that I stopped straightening my curly hair,  I needed something to harness my hair. Hello, headband! Instead of going with the boring store bought version, I decided to make my own out of my gumball toy collection, and yarn scraps!


 First I found a plain headband, sprayed Aleene’s Tacky Spray and wrapped it with yarn.

Next I got scraps of yarn, and wood pieces you can purchase at the craft store. Put a generous drop of glue on the wood piece, and wrap with yarn. I recommend gluing on the gumball toys to your wood piece BEFORE gluing on to headband, and let it dry. This way you can rearrange!

Lastly, glue on the wood pieces to your headband. You can use a clothes pin to hold it in place. And that’s a wrap! 🙂

Love, Maya
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CRAFT: Bleach Art Tees (with Tulip Fabric Dye!)

I just came back from an eight-day cruise where we crafted, ate, and had as much fun as possible. I came home, unpacked and was excited to get crafty with some new t-shirts I bought for $8 each.

The technical term for this technique is called “discharge dyeing”, it’s where you use bleach to remove color from fabric, but I like to think of it as “bleach art.”

I’m going to show you four ways that I used bleach to design some cool summer tees! Ready?

OK, supplies:

– cotton t-shirts – this is crucial. It has to be at least 60% cotton or the bleach and dye will not grip the fabric.
– bleach (a bleach pen is good too)
– spray bottle
– plastic table cover
– Tulip One-Step Dyes
– Tulip Sticky Fabric Stencils


Place stencils all over the front of the shirt. You can use all parts of the stencils!

Apply bleach over areas you want lifted. TIP: For a cleaner  edge, brush on lightly. I gobbed way too much on, which is why my design is blurry, but I still like it!

Let it sit for 20 minutes and then peel away stencils. Wash in cold water and a bit of laundry soap. Hang to dry.


Wash shirt and dry. Apply bleach in an extra Tulip Dye bottle and make stripes across the shirt. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes, wash in cold water with a bit of laundry soap in the machine, let dry.

Dampen shirt with water bottle and mix Tulip One Step Dye in teal and mix according the package directions. Apply to the top and bottom of the shirt. Let sit for about 6 hours and then wash and hang to dry.
Finished look!


This is one of my favorite techniques! Wash and dry your new black t-shirt. Cover the top portion with a bag or cardboard. Scrunch the bottom. Use a spray bottle with bleach and heavily saturate the black fabric, but don’t move it. The color will life to a bronze/orange/grey.

Wash with a bit of laundry soap in your machine and set out flat. 

Mix the Tulip One-Step Dye in teal, lime green and purple. Apply to all the bleached areas, randomly. Let it sit for about 6 hours and then wash in your machine and hang to dry.

Here it is! Doesn’t it look like patina?


Use blue painter’s tape to make stripes. You can also add dots. Use bleach in a spray bottle and spray over entire shirt. Let sit for 30 minutes and then wash with a bit of laundry soap in the machine, hang dry.

I as going to add dye to this, but after I looked at it, I decided I liked it as is!!

Love, Maya
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CRAFT: DIY Ombre Dyed Dress

You’re probably thinking – “What did she do to that dress?” Actually it started out how you see on the left, a patterned print with a white background. I love the dress but thought it would look even better with an ombre style coloring added. It was an experiment that worked!

Just because fabric has a print on it doesn’t mean that you can’t add some dye techniques. Once you realize this it will make you see fabric and clothes in a while new way! I really dig the southwestern design of this dress, but wanted it even more colorful.

Here is how I did it…

First off – make sure your dress is cotton or rayon. Polyester won’t hold the dye. Aside from that, we are good to go!

Patterned print dress
Tulip® One-Step Dye™ orange, yellow and fuchsia
Plastic table cloth

Line your work surface with a plastic liner or garbage bag. Open the boxes and add water to the dye bottles according to package directions.
Dampen the dress with a spray bottle of water. If your dress is brand new, wash it first to remove sizing.

Add rubber bands (optional) and apply the darkest dye on the bottom third of the dress, and the medium in the center and lightest on the top. Roll up the dress in the liner and let it sit for six hours. This will ensure that the dye bonds with the fabric fibers.

After six hours, open the plastic and cut away the rubber bands. Wash the dress on light with cold water, hang dry. 
And here it is! She how the bottom is hot pink, the middle is orange the the top is yellow. It really adds a special touch to the dress, it makes it more…more…MAYA IN THE MOMENT!!!!

Love, Maya
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