I was the victim of a robbery tonight.

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My laptop was my livelyhood. I used it for all my college prep and homework, my essays, blogging, videos, music recordings, photography and more. It’s how I earn my money for college, supplies, gas money, building my brand and website, etc. Tonight after dinner, I was sitting in Starbucks with my study group, working on my math homework, tapping away … Read More

VIDEO: Superbowl Sunday

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If you’re like me, you dread this day, (unless it’s your hometown, then WOOOOOO SUPERBOWL! YEAH!)Nothing but watching athleticly fit men running into each other just for a ball.Don’t get me wrong though, I was totally into it last year when my hometown team, The Arizona Cardinals came so close to winning.And Now, I’m sorta like: “Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..”But I’m changing that frame … Read More