I’m bringing back Motivational Monday! I found these pictures via Tumblr.
 These are my tips and insight from my own experiences!

1. Don’t Take Things So Seriously.

I know you’re a hard worker and you’re probably working toward something that is going to benefit your life. But it is LIFE. There are so many wonderful things out there that should be worth taking the time to STOP and look at. Stop and smell the roses. Relax, and take a load off. Too much work will eventually make you into a crazed fire breathing dragon. Life will go on. Go to the beach. Go hang out with people who have fun. Break out of your routine. Do something silly. Shake your snow globe as my mom, the Crafty Chica would say!

 2. Love for the Right Reasons.

 Loneliness can be a major pain in the heart. But that shouldn’t be the reason why you’re ready to date, or love again. Love is so sacred and powerful. Loving for the wrong reasons just leaves you more wounded than before. Love yourself first. Write a list of what you deserve, and what YOU could contribute. Love isn’t one sided and shouldn’t be all “take take take.” You’ll know when you’re ready.  
3. Surround Yourself Wisely 

 Surround yourself with happy people. If anything, I’ve learned that happy people are so much more fun! haha I know everyone has their highs and lows. So surround yourself with someone who’ll lift you up, not drag you down. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and push you to be a better you. With that, inspire them to do the same. We’re all hustlin’ to be the best, and instead of fighting, let’s start building each other up! 

These are my tips for Motivational Monday! See you next Monday!!!

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Sobbing On A Glittered Floor

Hey guuuuys…It’s been awhile.
These past two months have been insanely AMAZING for me!

Me speaking on a social networking panel in Miami!

I traveled Miami, Florida to speak on a panel about promoting your music on social media for *Hispanicize*, had a week home, then back on the road to California for the 7th Annual Crafty Chica Cruise. After that I had a couple of hours at home (exhausted) and the very next morning I was on the road for my great grandma Carmen’s 80th birthday party in a beach house in San Diego with my family!

From the 7th annual CraftyChica Cruise 2013

Exciting, right?

Well, I’m home and reality greeted me with a huge slap in the face.
Finals are next week.
I’m behind on my blog and YouTube.
Negative people whom I kept pushing out of my life return.

Ugh. I know this seems completely stupid, but all of this stress came at me full force. So what do I do?


Haha. I literally sat on my mom’s glittered floor in the art room, and sobbed. I think the main reason I did this was because I was couldn’t find the fabric glue for my latest craft project. “Maya. are you reaaaally crying about fabric glue right now?”  It really wasn’t the fabric glue. I was unmotivated with my life. I mean, I’m freaking twenty years old. I JUST got back from speaking on a panel in BEAUTIFUL Miami. I sailed the ocean with my favorite people and sang to them. Lastly, I spent a week with my family in San Diego. I have absolutely no reason to be unhappy. But I was. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for everything God gave me. I was just unhappy with myself. I just don’t know where I’m going, or what I should do. Or, if what I’m doing is the right path. How do you know if something is meant to be?

You don’t.

I was so focused on what I should be doing, instead of just doing. How was I going to figure out if I’m meant for something if I don’t even give my 100%? That, my friends is called self sabotage. Why do we do this? Limit ourselves on purpose? It’s a mystery to me, but I’m working on it. After I sobbed on that glittered floor, I picked myself up, and got my work done. I still have a buttload of work to do, but I’m taking it one step at time. As far as figuring out what I want to do? I’m just gonna continue doing. Whatever is meant to be, will be. Das it.

If any of you are stabbing yourself repeatedly with a knife leaving yourself to bleed out on the floor    self sabotaging yourself, here is a helpful website:

Here are MY tips for motivating yourself to get up and life your life to the fullest, especially during those times when you feel like crying on a glittered floor…
1. Get it out and let yourself cry like a baby for 15 minutes, then STOP. Crying feels good at first but doesn’t solve any problems, you’re wasting precious time that you could be making your life better!

2. Make an action list. Start with the easiest items first, so feel good about finishing them.

3. Give yourself the opportunity to try! Instead of thinking for the easy way out, break a sweat and challenge yourself to go above and beyond than you ever have before!

So I’ll end this emotional whiny rant with some pictures. Okay? <3
A collage of my favorite moments from Hispanicize 2013

My ukulele in Mexico.

Singing to my great grandma Carmen for her 80th birthday in San Diego.

Love, Maya
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My Teen Wolf Obsession

Okay….so i’m a little obsessed with Teen Wolf. Not just because the guys are absolutely gorgeous on the show…the story is good too, i guess. Hahaha Just kidding. I love everything about this show. It’s brilliant and always makes me feel like i’m going to have a mental breakdown. Mostly because i’m waaaaay too attached to the characters. I can’t help it………. Ask BoiFromIpanema . He knows how it feels.

Love, Maya
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 I think about 85% of my friends are updating their Facebook statues to let everyone know that summer has begun.
Summer. Ohhhhhh yeah. 

I remember summer. Not too long ago I was tossing my cap in the air, (not really… I was paranoid I’d never get it back..but you know what I mean) and ready to take the world by storm.

  1. “What college are you going to?”
  2. “What are you majoring in?”
  3. “Your hair is so long and pretty!”
  • Arizona State University.
  • Public Relations.
  • I know, thank you!! It took me so long to grow it!(UGH! WHY did I cut it?!?!)

(I never thought I’d despise two simple questions so much)
Anyways. Starting out my first year of college was like Buddy Holly’s song, “Everyday” 

 Everything was perfect! I fell in love, my teachers were nice, and I had made new college friends.
I was set. What else did I need? I thought nothing could go wrong. (cause it never had before, right?!)
-Until the exams hit. The papers were graded. My hair was short. I was no longer the apple of “his” eye.-
My perfect image of college had been burnt. To a crisp. I didn’t understand “responsibility”. Actually doing hard work, like studying, or having someone edit my essay. I did the minimum work, skipped classes,  In high school I never struggled with my grades.(Except for Math, YOU SUCK) But suddenly i’m getting C’s?!  D’s?! It used to be SO easy.

I guess you can say I put on my big girl pants and realized that things don’t just magically fall into your lap. It takes hard work, self discipline, and dedication in order to succeed. And lastly, you shouldn’t make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.(Like cutting your long, healthy, curly hair. I will never let that go. lol)

Okay. Lesson learned.
 I can only go up from here, right?
Sooooo, here are my survival tips for incoming college freshmen!

Love, Maya
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Worst Anniversary Ever

I think we’ve all been here before. One time a boyfriend of mine (ex now, THANK GOODNESS) picked me up from class, (of course, me being a romantic, thought he was going to surprise me with a nice lunch, or something sweet..) I get in the car and two of his friends are there. Not quite the most romantic thing in the world…The whole car ride is an intense discussion about the hot weather, dental hygiene, and why I have five Chihuahuas(WHY WOULDN’T I HAVE 5?!) Next thing I know he’s dropping me off at my house. No chocolates?! No cheesy stuffed animals?! No sappy hand written love letters?! I hear this lovely phrase as I exit the lovemobile:
  “Oh, Happy Anniversary by the way! I love you! Bye!” (quoted directly from the jerkface himself)

…Did that JUST happened? Let’s just say that relationship didn’t last too long! Look, I’m not saying EVERY anniversary needs to be extravagant, but don’t dump your girlfriend off to hang with your friends! At least give…her…something creative and cute to remember!!! I’m just a hopeFUL romantic 😉

Okay, I’m done. 🙂

Love, Maya
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