“Falling From The Sky” New Original song!

Falling From The Sky by Maya Anjelica Murillo

 Alright. I bet after listening to this you’re thinking, “Oooh. Maya’s in love again!”
Nope. Still a single lady! (woah oh oh, oh oh ohhh oh oh oh) 🙂
Someday though…when it’s meant to be! I’m just in love with the idea of love, and all it’s moments. I think it’s scary, but magical. Something worth waiting for. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this cheesy, yet tasteful Ukulele love song by yours truly 🙂

All my love, Maya
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The key of me

When do I get my song
I’ve been told music lifts you up where you belong
Whispering sweet nothings in your ear
Makes me wish I could hear
The fear
The tear
The joy the happiness music brings
When do I get a chance to sing
Music says life’s a climb
When is it my time
To shine
This isn’t a whine
This is a realization
For the nation
That I’ve been playing someone else’s instrument
 in the key of unoriginality
Instead of integrity
Instead of me

When do I get my song
Now that I know where I belong
i’m not whispering
 I’m singing
in myself
that  I’ve always had
that song in my heart
now I can start
my climb
my time
to shine
playing my own instrument
in the key of me 

Appreciate every moment!
Love, Maya
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Have you ever…

Listened to a song, and felt a rush of emotions?
Listened to a song that seemed to fit that day/month/year/event?
Listened to a song that made you want to pick up an instrument and write something new?
Listened to a song that intrigued you so much, you claim it to be your Anthem?
Listened to a song that cleared your confused state of mind, and steered you to the correct answer?

Music is truly inspiring.
Music is healthy for the soul, heart, mind and body.
Music is an explosion of colors in the sky with dancing tones.

Listening to music creates a whole different world, with anything I want.

M u s i c  I s  L i f e