“Falling From The Sky” New Original song!

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Falling From The Sky by Maya Anjelica Murillo  Alright. I bet after listening to this you’re thinking, “Oooh. Maya’s in love again!”Nope. Still a single lady! (woah oh oh, oh oh ohhh oh oh oh) 🙂Someday though…when it’s meant to be! I’m just in love with the idea of love, and all it’s moments. I think it’s scary, but magical. … Read More

The key of me

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When do I get my songI’ve been told music lifts you up where you belongWhispering sweet nothings in your earMakes me wish I could hearThe fearThe tearThe joy the happiness music bringsWhen do I get a chance to singMusic says life’s a climbWhen is it my timeTo shineThis isn’t a whineThis is a realizationFor the nationThat I’ve been playing someone … Read More

Have you ever…

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Listened to a song, and felt a rush of emotions?Listened to a song that seemed to fit that day/month/year/event?Listened to a song that made you want to pick up an instrument and write something new?Listened to a song that intrigued you so much, you claim it to be your Anthem?Listened to a song that cleared your confused state of mind, … Read More