Hey guys! Happy Throwback Thursday 🙂 I made these inspiration videos of my friends explaining what they want to do before they die, inspired by The Buried Life when I was in High School.  This is totally mayainthemoment VINTAGE. Makes me feel old. Also. I’m turning 20 in 18 days! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH 🙁 Oh well…enjoy my youthful high school days.
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 JAN. 2010

APRIL. 2009

Love, Maya
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DIY Bow Necklace!

Duct tape jewelry? Doesn’t sound classy, right? Wrong! I whipped up a batch of duct tape bows are easy to make and with the variety of Scotch Colors and Patterns available, you’ll never run out of ideas. If you’re like me, you’ll end up making a big batch. I used them for pins, rings and my favorite – necklaces. Here’s a classy spin on duct tape!

-Cutting Mat
-Necklace Chain
-Needlenose Pliers
-Hole Punch
-4 Jumps Rings
-Necklace Clasp


To make a 3” bow, cut a 15” strip with craft knife. Cut two half-inch strips for the backing and the center of the bow. Then fold long strips together, and fold ends into center. Using one of the two half-inch strips, seal the back. It’ll look like a chunky bracelet. Pinch center to create the bow look, and wrap the last half-inch strip around the bow.

Punch a hole in the back top layer on each side of the bow.

Attach jump ring to each side.
Cut two 9” strips of necklace chain, and attach chain to jump rings.
Close jump rings tightly with needlenose pliers.
At a jump ring on one of end necklace chain, then add the necklace clasp on the other side using needlenose pliers.
Hope you had as much fun as I did! 🙂

This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape
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Love, Maya
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Hey loves! A very happy summer to you, and you and you! So far summer has greeted me with long naps, top-knot buns, and Birthday Cake oreos.*drools* As for the AZ heat- I am very excited and thrilled to start screaming bloody murder every time I put my seat beat on in the car.(If you live in Arizona you will know what I mean.) This is a little video updating errbody on some exciting things to come this summah! Enjoy!  😀

All My Love, Maya
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How to Make a YouTube Video

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how to get started making videos. Well, here is a great resource: Corinne Leigh from has a new video that explains it all!

Watch and learn:


Here are some other tips from moi…
– if you are doing a craft tutorial, make sure your nails look nice and neat!
– check your hair and makeup, do a mini-test run so you can see what you look like.
– check your background, make sure there is nothing that will look funky on camera.
– if you are using music, make sure it is not copyrighted or youtube will remove your video!

Good luck!

Love, Maya
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