CRAFT: Naughty & Nice Dog Collars

 Lady and the Tramp came out last week on DVD and it’s one of my all-time favorite films! I love how the ultra pampered Lady hangs out with the streetwise Tramp and learns how to toughen up. A little bit naughty and a little bit nice. 

It got me thinking about my two girl dogs – ChaCha and Bianca. 
I found two dog collars that would make you think they go with rowdy dogs and I glammed them up for ChaCha and Bianca. One of the has spikes and the other says “Bad to the Bone.” That way it reflects the spirit of both Lady… and Tramp too!
Here’s what I did next…

ChaCha models her new spikey, glittery collar!

 Here is what you need: 

1 dog collar

 Squeeze out some of the glitter adhesive and use the brush to apply it on the collar. If the surface is not porous, then rub it gently with sandpaper so the glue and glitter will grip. While the glue is still wet, pour the glitter all over.

  Let it dry and then add dots of glue and place crystals on top of the glitter. let dry.

 OK, for the second collar, I used Tulip 3D Glitter Dimensional Paint and added dots all over and then set crystals on top of the them. Let it dry. The paint acts as a glue and gives a glittery background!

Love, Maya
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Make a cute bed for your doggie

“I am Bianca, Queen Chihuahua of this house!”

I wanted to decorate a bed for one of my dogs, and the first dog (out of our 5) to jump in was Bianca!

“I like this bed. Please embellish it for me. Swirls are my favorite.”
 I bought this bed at a discount store, and found it was a perfect fit for a Chihuahua!

 Using Puffy Paint, I made as many doodles and swirls to fill up the sides of the bed.

 Smooth and skinny lines usually do the trick. Try to avoid big globs of the paint, since it takes much longer to dry. Make sure you leave it to dry for a couple of hours, or over night is best.

“He seems so distant, why can’t he turn around to see my starry eyes?”

As you can see, Bianca and Boostie loved it!

Appreciate every moment!
Love, Maya
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Make a Christmas Pet Ornament

It is final exam week at my school, but I’m still making time to craft. It’s a great way to release the stress of AP English, let me tell you! With 10 days left until Christmas, I decided to make ornaments of my dogs! Here is ChaCha! Start with a wood  or paper mache ornament, paint it and add lots of Crafty Chica® Chunky Glitters™!


Print out a picture of your doggie and glue it with Collage Pauge® Instant Decoupage  in the center of your ornament.

Next, use Aleene’s® Paper Glaze  to add an outline of green glitter. The reason I used Paper Glaze is that is has a tiny nozzle so you can make sharp lines. you squeeze it on and then pour the glitter. You can write words or do squiggles and it keeps its shape!

After you glue it down use Tulip® Puffy Paint™ to write the year and your doggie’s name! Let it dry for an hour and then hang on your Christmas tree! You can also decorate the back side of the ornament if you want!

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Appreciate every moment!
Love, Maya
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Fashion Graffiti Pillowcases

My bedroom needs a serious makeover. Starting with my bed. You know those scenes in the movies where the tormented teenager girl falls on her bed and hugs her pillow? I need one of those in my life!

Bootsie approved.

I have a big body pillow, but it’s boring and plain. I got a pillowcase to decorate for it. I didn’t know how it would turn out so I practiced on a smaller pillowcase from my parents bed. I’m glad I practiced because it helped me figure out how I wanted to make the bigger pillow.

Ozzy approved, too.

I used:
1 pillowcase
Tulip Fabric Spray in bright colors
Tulip Fashion Graffiti Stencils
Tulip Big Phat Black Marker
Tulip Glitter Spray

Lay down the pillowcase on a flat surface and slide a piece of cardboard in the middle. Smooth it flat with your hands and set down the stencils all over the pillowcase. If it’s easier, you can tape down the corners of the pillowcase.
Take turns spraying different colors of the fabric spray all over. Use long strokes as you spray. I used two or three colors on each stencil because I wanted it to look like a graffiti rainbow!
Here’s what it looks like with the three colors! Isn’t it cool?
My mom came in the room and suggested I add some black accents with the marker.
I added black accents around each of the stenciled areas.
This is what it looked like when I finished. You have to let it dry for FIVE hours and then you can wash it in cold water in the washing machine and dry it. That way it will be super soft when you cuddle it!

Appreciate every moment!
Love, Maya
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