Turning 21: 5 Lessons I’ve Learned

It’s been a week now since my 21st birthday, and I have to say, I’ve learned somethings. Things they don’t tell you that you feel. I feel…things. Here’s a list of what I’ve learned so far.

1. Beer is GROSS

Surely not ALL beer is gross. But I’ve never been that person who downs an entire beer then says, “WOOOOO MORE! BEER! YA!” If anyone actually even says that…It tastes like straight up booty butt. What is booty butt? You ask? It’s something gross. Uh, yeah.

2.Wine Taste Like Cherry Cough Syrup

(I HATE CHERRIES!!!) LOL Ok, Story time. When I was little, my dad used to give us this cherry cough medicine when we’d get sick. It was so gross, it actually SCARRED me for life. I know, first world probz. ANDDD TV shows have led me to believe that wine is sophisticated and sexy. What’s sexy about it, if I’m making this face while drinking it?!


Weird. I thought a boy’s way of flirting was making a singing vine for you then making a double chin face at the end…BUT THIS IS COOL TOO. While I was in Tempe, (ASU college land) I was meeting some of my mom’s co-workers at a hotel. YES, I WAS WITH MY MOM, BUT HEAR ME OUT FIRST!!! Ok, I can’t come back from that. But basically, the bartender heard I turned 21m and whipped out this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle drink for me. I hardly think he was flirting. But if he was,

4. Parents Look At You Differently

It’s all fun and games till you hit 21. The first thing my parents told me was, “okay…you’re 21 now! Officially a grown up!” Grown..u..p? Grown up? I’m grown up. Grown up I am. I can’t live with my parents 4evr?!!?! Okay, I get it…time to get my “ish” together!

5. I feel FREE!

No more age restrictions! No more, “Can I see your ID? Sorry, you’re not old enough.” “Come out with us!! Oh wait, you’re not 21 yet? Sorry…” “21 and OVER ONLY!!”  FINALLY! I feel like I’ve finally be let out of this tower called, “Underaged”. 😀

Love, Maya




 Change up your style! It doesn’t have to be a “Side pony”…lol. Try something you’ve never done before. Like a bowl cut!!!! HAHA just kidding. don’t do that.


 Be comfortable in your own skin! YOU ARE SEXY!!! (plz, boyz. don’t fall in love with me.) But seriously, I hate when people say, “I’m so awkward, I could never do that :(” NO. Stop blaming your “Awkwardness” EVERYONE IS AWKWARD!!! Be confident in whatever situation you feel awk in. Confidence is key, baby. And confidence is sexy.


Explore your crafty side. Check out some easy DIY projects i’ve done in the past:


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE karaoke. But in this vine I just had one of those moments. You know, that moment when you’re like, “omg. i’m really singing Disney karaoke in my room, on a Friday night. I should be studying, or hanging out with my cute boyfriend. Wait, I don’t have a boyfriend AHAHAHAHA silly me.”*cries*  Just me? Oh. okay.
BOTTOM LINE: Have fun, AFTER you’ve gotten your sheeeet done. <3

5. Don’t Take Things So Seriously
Everyone was making really awesome artsy vines, so I thought I’d make my own. This was me trying to be “moody”. FAIL! After this I felt super embarrassed for trying to be artsy. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself every once in a while.

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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Coca-Cola Scholarship Opportunity for Latinos/ Tips on Surviving College!

Here is a scholarship opportunity I wanted to share for you guys! I know lots of you are applying for college, or you’ve already been accepted–(to which I say, YAY! Welcome to the world of coffee and late night study sessions) By now, you’ve probably realized, “Oh my, college is esssspensive”, which is true. Since this is my third year in college, I know that scholarships are a life saver. Check this out:

The COCA-COLA® Company and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Contest scholarship awards are designed to assist students with a permanent address in any of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. attending college in 2014-2015 as freshman and 1st year students. The awards are as follows:
        One Grand Prize:     $20,000
        Four 1st Prizes:        $10,000 each
        Sixteen 2nd Prizes:  $2,500 each
Pretty rad, right? Why not apply for it? 
Click  HERE to apply and to see the official requirements. (Ends December 15th!)
Anything is possible 🙂
-If you’re entering college, and pretty nervous about it, I made a video on surviving  Freshman year! 
Click HERE to check out my tips!

Btw, I was a freshman in this picture!

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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How VINE changed my life.

This is the six second video that changed my life forever with 129,000+ likes, and 89,000+ shares. This Vine led me to get shared twice by Drake Bell and YouTube musician Jeremy Passion. With all that, I now have 52,000+ followers. CRAZY. Here’s what happened.

After Instagram introduced their new video feature, I was so close to deleting vine. Mainly because it took up so much space! I ended up keeping it because I realized It’s so different from Instagram. After Vine updated their entire app, thats when everything went crazy for me. They added a share button, also known as a “revine” button. They also added channels to tag your videos in, and a more organized trending tags section. I was like, “cool! I guess I’ll post some stuff…”

I posted two silly how-to vines with the hashtag, #BeautyTipsWithMaya. (which can be found by searching that tag on vine!) Those got over 4,000 likes, and a couple hundred shares. Then I posted the Disney vine(above). It took off like wildfire. It was a lot to handle at first, but now I feel like I’ve got the hang of it!I also started a tag called #DoubleChinSaturday. Which is basically what it says- people show me their goofy side!

I am so completely grateful for everything Vine has done for me! It has brought me to connect with so many wonderful, lovely people. People that just get me. My goal with all this? To spread happiness via love song, double chin, or joke. I want to make a positive impact and brighten someone’s day. Also encourage others to do so. I know it’s just an app, but I have SIX seconds to make a difference. I want to do good with it.

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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 Check out this video from NYC’s pride rally! Lady Gaga brings DOWN the house with her amazing vocals. Doesn’t matter if you like her or not, her vocals are on point in this video. This is a performance that is truly coming from the heart and soul. I LOVE seeing people sing like this. Pure, and completely natural. No tricks, or enhancements. Love is love peeps! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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Whether it’s from a relationship, an ex, a friend that’s bringing you down (frenemy), or a job. When all is said and done, what’s next? We all need to make the courageous step to move on! Here are my 5 Ways to Move On!


You cannot be as awkward as her, trust me. Whenever I hear someone say “I’m just socially awkward…” All I hear is, “waaahblahhwaaaahh.” I’ve been guilty of this too. WHY is this stopping you from making friends?! It’s not physically prevent you from making friends. Stop hiding behind this excuse and go talk! Life is about experiences, and experiences come from the people you meet along the way. Okay. The point? Try sparking up a convo. And what if they don’t want to talk to you? K. bai. Simple as that. Be with people who make you think differently and open up your mind. People who challenge, and inspire to be a better YOU. Ultimately, it takes your mind off your ex, friend, or job. If you have all the friends you need, appreciate the friends you do have! Vocalize it. If this gif girl has friends, you can have friends too. Here’s a video on how to make new friends.


This one is a biggie for me. I absolutely despise dancing. (Unless it’s awk dancing. that’s okay.) But you know, sometimes you’re in a cool place, (like maybe at a club in Miami, yes – my personal experience…) And you gotta dance. Instead of being a Debbie Downer…I danced. UGH. I’M THE WORST DANCER. If I want to dance with you, it’s probably because you’re super special to me. SO, YOU BETTA APPRECIATE. It was actually fun. Yes, I probably looked like the ugliest troll dancing among the beautiful people of Miami…but why should that stop anyone? The only one keeping you hostage in that comfort box is YOU. Do something that scares you everyday. Confront. A. Challenge. Once you release yourself from the chains of comfort, you can do anything. It’s  really a mental game. Here’s a video on how to break out of your comfort zone.


Wait, no no no. I thought we’re done with the dancing. (Why are all my gifs dancing btw?!) Chances are you’re probably bored without your significant other, friend, and you might need a new hobby that brings in ca$$$h. If you’re not sure what a side hustle is, or if you need one, hey that’s weird. I wrote a round up about it HERE . Basically, it’s when you have some free time that needs to be filled wisely. Check out that link, baby. Here’s a list of hobbies!
Aww look how pretty you are cleaning your..uh..stones.(Why do they need be cleaned in the first place…EVIL QUEEN!) Calm down. I hate cleaning as much as the next person. But it’s actually proven to clear out your mind. Get rid of everything that reminds you of that person you need to move on from. Yes, even that super awesome Reptar shirt he bought you….saddest day of my life. Stupid jerk.  Holding on to these because of sentimental value is only hurting you. I’m pretty sure they were quick to say baiii to all your stuff. Organize your room, and organize your life. Change up the energy in your room to bring in fresh, new energy. I totally believe in energy, and the power of feng shui. It sounds weird, but just try it. It can only help! Here’s how to Feng Shui your bedroom.
  Reinventing yourself means a new you! Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen with a “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.” Take all the hurt, anger, and sadness and channel it into self growth. All of this must have happened for a reason, right? The reason could be that it’s time to totally change. Get a haircut, or new clothes. Start playing an instrument and write some songs. Do all of this for you. There is no point if you’re trying to prove to your ex, friend, or job, that you are a better you. They are unreliable  people in the first place, and have clearly proven they don’t deserve the new “you”. You get to choose how you feel, not them. Why not choose feel beautiful again? Prove to yourself first that you are worthy, because truth is, you are!  Here’s a video on reinventing yourself.

I hope these helped! I guess I’ll start cleaning my room now…………………….. 

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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HAPPY SUMMER: 5 Signs You Need A Side Hustle!

 Listen, I understand. It’s summer! The beach (if you have one)! No School! Friends! Junk Food!
Here are MY 5 signs that you may need a summer job or a real world hobby. (TOTALLY not based on my own experience)

1.Sleeping in till Twelve

WAKE UP, SLEEPING BOOTY! Mmm…Comfy bed…Not so comfy when that morning becomes afternoon. Plus, HALF your day is gone. This is a big one for me. I LOOOVE sleeping. But I’ve noticed that it just doesn’t feel good anymore…I always miss breakfast :/
Here’s an article about Oversleeping side effects.

2. Too Much Internets

Recognize this fellow? That’s what YOU look like when you spend too much time watching Dr. Phil episodes on the weird part of YouTube. Pretty soon you are going to be like this gentleman and need a Forever Comfy (Nothing wrong with those…I bought my mom one for Christmas..love you mom.) I know it’s hot, but go outside! Go make that thing you just pinned on Pinterest.
Here are some tips to beat the boredom of summer. Here’s another from Buzzfeed.

 3. No Moneys

Here’s a sensitive topic. Money.  Are you borrowing money from your parents? Brother? Grandma? (What? uh me either………..)  Getting a summer job isn’t as bad as it seems. I know human interaction daily is constant struggle, but it could actually be good for you. You meet new people, get some cash, get active, and you’re busy! Ain’t nobody got time to tell you you’re lazy now! HAHA! GOTCHA! Unless you are lazy at your job…don’t be lazy!!
Here’s an article on how being busy could make you happy!

4. Depression & Self Loathing

Many people struggle with this and think it’s a permanent thing. It’s totes not! Stop crying about what you don’t have, and start being thankful for what you DO! Life is a beautiful thing and it’s what YOU make it. Doing nothing and ugly crying is not going to make your life better. You have the power be happy! If you’re considered about your looks, go jogging! Be busy and active! You’ll be so busy you won’t even have time to think about why that guy doesn’t like you….(brb gonna go cry) hahhaa. Just kidding! 🙂
Here’s 12 secrets of being happy!

5. Candy Crush is Your Hobby

If this is you every time you see that “SUGAR CRUSH”….Yeah..whatchu happy fo’?!  Don’t get me wrong, boo. I love me some Candy Crush. (Level 40) Ultimately, what are we really happy for? How is this improving our lives? If anything, I get so frustrated when I run out of lives, or can’t get that STUPID JELLY TO GO AWAY.(And I refuse to buy anything!!) Sorry. The point of all this? YOU NEEDZ A HOBBY!!! If all your accomplishments come from being on level 60, it’s time to dust off that poor guitar that’s been sitting in the corner your room. Listen, I can actually hear it crying! Find a summer hobby and take a little break from Candy Crush (before it crushes your heart…okay I’m done) Do something that will force you to interact with real world people.
Here’s a list of hobbies!

Cheers! Here’s to a happy summer!

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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 I’m bringing back Motivational Monday! I found these pictures via Tumblr.
 These are my tips and insight from my own experiences!

1. Don’t Take Things So Seriously.

I know you’re a hard worker and you’re probably working toward something that is going to benefit your life. But it is LIFE. There are so many wonderful things out there that should be worth taking the time to STOP and look at. Stop and smell the roses. Relax, and take a load off. Too much work will eventually make you into a crazed fire breathing dragon. Life will go on. Go to the beach. Go hang out with people who have fun. Break out of your routine. Do something silly. Shake your snow globe as my mom, the Crafty Chica would say!

 2. Love for the Right Reasons.

 Loneliness can be a major pain in the heart. But that shouldn’t be the reason why you’re ready to date, or love again. Love is so sacred and powerful. Loving for the wrong reasons just leaves you more wounded than before. Love yourself first. Write a list of what you deserve, and what YOU could contribute. Love isn’t one sided and shouldn’t be all “take take take.” You’ll know when you’re ready.  
3. Surround Yourself Wisely 

 Surround yourself with happy people. If anything, I’ve learned that happy people are so much more fun! haha I know everyone has their highs and lows. So surround yourself with someone who’ll lift you up, not drag you down. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and push you to be a better you. With that, inspire them to do the same. We’re all hustlin’ to be the best, and instead of fighting, let’s start building each other up! 

These are my tips for Motivational Monday! See you next Monday!!!

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