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1. BE DIFFERENT Change up your style! It doesn’t have to be a “Side pony”…lol. Try something you’ve never done before. Like a bowl cut!!!! HAHA just kidding. don’t do that. 2. BE CONFIDENT Be comfortable in your own skin! YOU ARE SEXY!!! (plz, boyz. don’t fall in love with me.) But seriously, I hate when people say, “I’m so awkward, I … Read More

Coca-Cola Scholarship Opportunity for Latinos/ Tips on Surviving College!

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Here is a scholarship opportunity I wanted to share for you guys! I know lots of you are applying for college, or you’ve already been accepted–(to which I say, YAY! Welcome to the world of coffee and late night study sessions) By now, you’ve probably realized, “Oh my, college is esssspensive”, which is true. Since this is my third year … Read More

How VINE changed my life.

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This is the six second video that changed my life forever with 129,000+ likes, and 89,000+ shares. This Vine led me to get shared twice by Drake Bell and YouTube musician Jeremy Passion. With all that, I now have 52,000+ followers. CRAZY. Here’s what happened. After Instagram introduced their new video feature, I was so close to deleting vine. Mainly … Read More


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 Check out this video from NYC’s pride rally! Lady Gaga brings DOWN the house with her amazing vocals. Doesn’t matter if you like her or not, her vocals are on point in this video. This is a performance that is truly coming from the heart and soul. I LOVE seeing people sing like this. Pure, and completely natural. No tricks, … Read More


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Whether it’s from a relationship, an ex, a friend that’s bringing you down (frenemy), or a job. When all is said and done, what’s next? We all need to make the courageous step to move on! Here are my 5 Ways to Move On! 1.STOP SAYING YOU’RE SOCIALLY AWKWARD. MAKE NEW FRIENDS! You cannot be as awkward as her, trust … Read More

HAPPY SUMMER: 5 Signs You Need A Side Hustle!

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 Listen, I understand. It’s summer! The beach (if you have one)! No School! Friends! Junk Food!Here are MY 5 signs that you may need a summer job or a real world hobby. (TOTALLY not based on my own experience) 1.Sleeping in till Twelve WAKE UP, SLEEPING BOOTY! Mmm…Comfy bed…Not so comfy when that morning becomes afternoon. Plus, HALF your day … Read More


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 I’m bringing back Motivational Monday! I found these pictures via Tumblr. These are my tips and insight from my own experiences! 1. Don’t Take Things So Seriously.   I know you’re a hard worker and you’re probably working toward something that is going to benefit your life. But it is LIFE. There are so many wonderful things out there that should … Read More