LOVE SONGS FOR THE SOUL: #1 “Survivor”-Destiny’s Child (Ukulele Cover)

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Hey guys! This is the FIRST Love Songs For The Soul video! “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child is the ULTIMATE empowerment song. And the perfect way to start off this series! Hope you enjoy! Love, MayaSubscribe to my videos!LIKE me on Facebook!Instagram, Twitter & Vine: @mayainthemoment


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THROWBACK THURSDAY WITH MAYAINTHEMOMENT! Hey guys! Happy Throwback Thursday 🙂 I made these inspiration videos of my friends explaining what they want to do before they die, inspired by The Buried Life when I was in High School.  This is totally mayainthemoment VINTAGE. Makes me feel old. Also. I’m turning 20 in 18 days! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH 🙁 Oh well…enjoy my youthful high … Read More