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Hey everyone! I doing this “30 Things” challenge  andddddd i’m about 11 days late. Oh well! Better late than never! 🙂 Here’s my top 5 pet peeves. (Since I couldn’t think of 10.) Love, MayaSubscribe to my videos!Add me on Facebook!

Birthday wishes!

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I turned 19 last weekend and one of my favorite gifts was this video! Thank you, everyone! LINK Love, MayaSubscribe to my videos!Add me on Facebook!

VIDEO: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

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My friend Alexa (visit her blog,!) LOVES to dance. Seriously. She will stop what she is doing anytime, anyplace, anywhere and bust a move if you ask her too. I thought she would be perfect for a “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” video. Of course, she was game. Here she is dancing at Downtown Disney. I filmed her and made … Read More

24 Love Tingles in 24 Hours: True love…

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Whether it is for a significant other, a pet, a parent or friend…always remember that *true, genuine love* will turn words and feelings into actions. Show it, don’t just say it. That is the BEST gift you can give when it comes to love. Now go show some true love today! Love, MayaSubscribe to my videos!Add me on Facebook!

Disney’s Lady & The Tramp DVD/Blu-ray GIVEAWAY!

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Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a Disney fanatic! I’m a softie for sappy love stories and Disney flicks always deliver the “aaahhhhh!” This week is a big deal around here  because Lady and the Tramp has just been released on DVD and Blu-ray. It’s loaded with all kinds of great features that will last long after the movie has … Read More

How to Make a YouTube Video

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One of the questions I get asked a lot is how to get started making videos. Well, here is a great resource: Corinne Leigh from has a new video that explains it all! Watch and learn:LINK Here are some other tips from moi…– if you are doing a craft tutorial, make sure your nails look nice and neat!– check … Read More