CRAFT: Gumball Toy Headband!

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  It’s summer time, neon colors are in- combine with the fact that I stopped straightening my curly hair,  I needed something to harness my hair. Hello, headband! Instead of going with the boring store bought version, I decided to make my own out of my gumball toy collection, and yarn scraps! SUPPLIES: Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue Aleene’s Tacky Spray … Read More

“Falling From The Sky” New Original song!

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Falling From The Sky by Maya Anjelica Murillo  Alright. I bet after listening to this you’re thinking, “Oooh. Maya’s in love again!”Nope. Still a single lady! (woah oh oh, oh oh ohhh oh oh oh) 🙂Someday though…when it’s meant to be! I’m just in love with the idea of love, and all it’s moments. I think it’s scary, but magical. … Read More


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Hey loves! A very happy summer to you, and you and you! So far summer has greeted me with long naps, top-knot buns, and Birthday Cake oreos.*drools* As for the AZ heat- I am very excited and thrilled to start screaming bloody murder every time I put my seat beat on in the car.(If you live in Arizona you will … Read More


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Hey everyone! I doing this “30 Things” challenge  andddddd i’m about 11 days late. Oh well! Better late than never! 🙂 Here’s my top 5 pet peeves. (Since I couldn’t think of 10.) Love, MayaSubscribe to my videos!Add me on Facebook!

VIDEO: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

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My friend Alexa (visit her blog,!) LOVES to dance. Seriously. She will stop what she is doing anytime, anyplace, anywhere and bust a move if you ask her too. I thought she would be perfect for a “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” video. Of course, she was game. Here she is dancing at Downtown Disney. I filmed her and made … Read More

Jocelyn said, “I do.”

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One of my best friends got married last month and asked me to take pictures of her wedding. Here are some photos I snapped of the happy couple! Live in the moment!Love, MayaSubscribe to my videos!Add me on Facebook!

How to glitter your fingernails! It’s easy!

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Homemade glittery nails using glitter! 😀 (excuse my chubby fingers) 😉     My friend Amy glittered her nails last week and I tried it last night! Amy even wrote up directions on how to do it! Here they are! “I made glitter nail polish!”  By Amy MadanatSpecial for So, I woke up early to get ready for school … Read More