Layered Button Ring

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My 6 year-old cousin Bella came over yesterday, and we were super bored! So we decided to craft!This is basically layering on buttons one-by-one, which each button is a dot of Aleene’s Tacky glue.She picked out the colors and I just glued them on 🙂Here’s a project similar to this one! Appreciate every moment!Love, MayaSubscribe to my videos!

VIDEO: Easy Halloween Face Painting

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LINK It’s Halloween season! Finally! Being the drama queen that I am, I love to dress up early in the month. Last weekend I babysat my little cousin and decided to try out the new Tulip® Face Paint Kit with her. At first I thought I’d be doing all the painting, being the one in charge and all, but the … Read More

VIDEO: Summer’s at an end

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Summer’s at the end of its season/////A combination of my summer! About to start my junior year of high school! Appreciate every moment!Love, MayaSubscribe to my videos!

RIP Grandpa

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David O. Cano  February 8th, 1937 – July 14th, 2009 Yesterday my grandpa died after a long and hard battle with cancer. He was such a loving, and caring grandpa. He taught me so many things for example, how to cut my steak, to fake out people in basketball and how to get out of chores using pure wit. My … Read More

16 years old

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Welp! i’m finally the big 16! When i arrived at school today i had to take a hasty test for accel. english, not the best start to my day but it was okay! Later on my friends brought me balloons and my best friend got me jonas brothers stuff!:)  (WHICH IS AWESOME!)  Forwarding to 7th hour (spanish) my classmates serenaded … Read More