EASY HOW TO: Scotch Duct Tape Chevron Purse and Clutch

Hey guys! So, Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape just came out with some more awesome patterns and colors. I especially loved the “Prep Chevron”. Also wanted to make something that wasn’t too flashy (which is hard for me to do…) In this tutorial I’m showing you how to make an easy purse, with a matching clutch!


Create two panels by cutting two eleven 18″ strips of tape. Create the straps with one strip of tape, then folding it together. Place one strap onto to one panel, and the other on the second one. Do this BEFORE you folder the panels in half.
Fold the two panels in half- you should have two panels with one strip. Connect together by taping the bottom outside, then tape the inside. Do the same with the sides. You’re done!

Create another panel similar to the purse, except now we’re working vertically. Fold the panel in half.
Next, fold it again, vertically, like a clutch. Lastly, tape the sides and you’re done!

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Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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HAPPY SUMMER:Starbucks Refresher Popsicles!

 Hey guys! Happy SUMMMMAH! Here’s a yummy popsicle treat for your summer festivities (like the 4th of July…….) I LOVE Starbucks Refreshers. When I saw they had these babies out, I had to have them. But honestly, they didn’t taste like the original! I had a box full, and they weren’t cheap- I needed to find a way to make the best of them. Why not make them into popsicles?! My mom and I took a trip to Ikea and found these Ice Pop Makers. Leggo!
 DIFFICULTY LEVEL= Your 8 year old cousin could make these with her eyes closed while twerking to Justin Bieber.


  •  Any ice pop mold! These were $2!  
  • Starbucks Refreshers! I bought these at Target($8), but you can get them at any Starbucks!(cute little girl optional)
  • A Freeeeezer! 

The molds come like this! I found that the best way is to mix a little bit of water and powder in a cup. The more powder the better! Otherwise it’ll start to taste like water by the 3rd lick. I know, super tricky! :p I left these in while I ran some errands, but if you’re in a hurry, they’ll freeze in a hour. (depending on how cold your freezer is…I don’t know yo lyf!)

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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These are my “Tell me about it, STUD.” Flats. (Clever, right?) I LOVE me some black flats, but what do you do when they get scruffed up? STUD THEM! This is a QUICK and EASY project using Liquid Fusion! Here we go!


 Step One: I lightly sanded my shoes in the area I wanted to glue. Next, pour some glue into a paint tray, and with a bamboo stick, apply glue on to the back of stud.

 Step Two: Place stud on to your shoe. If you’re unsure of a pattern, google “Studded Flats” and you’ll find some ideas! For this project I did sort of a triangle, top row=6, middle=5, and bottom=4. Play around with it!

Step Three: Wait for about an hour for them to dry. After that, wear those babies out!
 Check out this quick video I posted on Vine(@mayainthemoment) of the process!

I also made a headband! does it match my pink streaks? So punk, right? 🙂

Love, Mayainthemoment.com
YOUTUBE: youtube.com/ahhmaya1234

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Love, Maya
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DIY Bangle using Scotch Colors adn Patterns Duct Tape!

Hey Guys! MayaInTheMoment here, bringing you another easy and cute craft using Scotch Colors&Patterns Duct Tape! So, if you’re like me, and you LOVE bright colors,bangles, AND recycling, then you’ll love this project!


Cut 5″ of Scotch tape, then cut into skinny strips. The more colors the better! Starting on the inside wrap strips around tape roll.This is where you can play around with the color patterns. Since
 Scotch Colors&Patterns Duct tape has so many patterns and colors to choose from, Go crazy and mix colors together, or use the color blocking technique! In this video I used both styles. This bangle will definitely make your outfit POP! Have fun!

This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape

Take the Style that Sticks quiz to find your personal style and for the chance to win free samples!http://www.scotchducttape.com/

Love, Maya
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DIY Bow Necklace!

Duct tape jewelry? Doesn’t sound classy, right? Wrong! I whipped up a batch of duct tape bows are easy to make and with the variety of Scotch Colors and Patterns available, you’ll never run out of ideas. If you’re like me, you’ll end up making a big batch. I used them for pins, rings and my favorite – necklaces. Here’s a classy spin on duct tape!

-Cutting Mat
-Necklace Chain
-Needlenose Pliers
-Hole Punch
-4 Jumps Rings
-Necklace Clasp


To make a 3” bow, cut a 15” strip with craft knife. Cut two half-inch strips for the backing and the center of the bow. Then fold long strips together, and fold ends into center. Using one of the two half-inch strips, seal the back. It’ll look like a chunky bracelet. Pinch center to create the bow look, and wrap the last half-inch strip around the bow.

Punch a hole in the back top layer on each side of the bow.

Attach jump ring to each side.
Cut two 9” strips of necklace chain, and attach chain to jump rings.
Close jump rings tightly with needlenose pliers.
At a jump ring on one of end necklace chain, then add the necklace clasp on the other side using needlenose pliers.
Hope you had as much fun as I did! 🙂

This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape
Take the Style that Sticks quiz to find your personal style and for the chance to win free samples.http://www.scotchducttape.com/

Love, Maya
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Summer Burst Purse!

  Summer is here! This is the time to break out the bright
summery colors and what better way to greet it by creating an awesome
and EASY “Summer Burst” purse out of duct tape? So, sit by the poolside,
grab the fan, an ice-cold glass of lemonade and lets get started!

Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape
• Fabric
• Scissors

First, cut fabric according to your desired size. If you’re not sure,
make it look similar to a table runner. This fabric will be the lining of
your purse!
Next, cut strips of duct tape and place it on the BACK of the fabric.
Cover just the back.
Then, fold it together so that you can only see duct tape. Proceed to
tape sides together, creating a pouch.
Lastly, add straps use a long strip of tape, and decorate the front!

Now you’re ready for summer! It doesn’t have to stop there, make a case
for your sunglasses, or even a super cute clutch!

This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape.  Take the Style that Sticksquiz to find your personal style and for the chance to win free samples.http://www.scotchducttape.com/

Love, Maya
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