This is a sponsored post for Target. However, the words and opinions are completely my own! 🙂


Hey guys! I’ve been on somewhat of a healthy hair kick (easing my way into it, anyway). I wanted to explore what healthy hair products are out there without spending too much, because I ain’t gonna lie,


Luckily, I’ve teamed up with Target to share some new all natural hair care products that are free of harmful chemicals and full of nutrient-rich, restorative and plant-based ingredients.

Here is my experience using Target’s new all natural hair care products for the first time! 🙂

The first two are SoapBox’s Bataua Fruit shampoo and conditioner.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 8.42.54 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-22 at 8.42.35 PM


These products are packed with fatty acids and amino acids (which helps your hair grow) to nourish your scalp and hair. Make sure to wait 3-5 minutes before rinsing your hair.

HERE’S THE COOL PART: With every bottle you buy, SoapBox will provide a month’s supply of clean water to a community in need! #SoapEqualsHope

Ummmmmmmm, whaaat?


The last three are from the Renpure line. No sodium chloride, sulfates, dyes, harsh salts, parabens, or gluten. GET OUTTA HERE, GLUTEN.

These products are mainly to repair and cleanse your hair, which means extra time in the shower. I’ve always been used to shampooing, conditioning and BAM. Done. Quick shower. However, I thiiiink not going the extra step to repair is one of the reasons why my hair isn’t as healthy as it should be.Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.10.21 PM

The cleansing pudding requires running the product through your hair, starting from root to tip. Not in a shampooing motion. And to detangle, use a wide tooth comb (had to google what that was, don’t judge me). Reading this made me feel very anxious because I don’t think I’ve never FULLY detangled my hair, because, OUCH.


ANYWAY- I pushed through my childhood detangle nightmares induced by my abuelita, and did what had to be done because I’m a grown woman.


Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.10.44 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.13.19 PMThe key ingredients in these products are coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, and monol oil. Which all help to chill out the frizz, lock moisture in, and restore natural oils you may have lost from straightening your hair. *COUGH COUGH* Me…


After using these products I’ve definitely noticed my hair feels waaaay lighter and smells heavenly. But most importantly,  just knowing what was going into my hair made me feel a sense of control. Listen, I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, but I think we can all benefit from using all natural products.

Your hair is sacred and should be treated like a QUEEEEEEEN. Just like you!

I hope I’ve given you some insight or even giggles. If I did,


You can get all the above and more at Target.com and at your local Target store!



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EASY HOW TO: Scotch Duct Tape Chevron Purse and Clutch

Hey guys! So, Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape just came out with some more awesome patterns and colors. I especially loved the “Prep Chevron”. Also wanted to make something that wasn’t too flashy (which is hard for me to do…) In this tutorial I’m showing you how to make an easy purse, with a matching clutch!


Create two panels by cutting two eleven 18″ strips of tape. Create the straps with one strip of tape, then folding it together. Place one strap onto to one panel, and the other on the second one. Do this BEFORE you folder the panels in half.
Fold the two panels in half- you should have two panels with one strip. Connect together by taping the bottom outside, then tape the inside. Do the same with the sides. You’re done!

Create another panel similar to the purse, except now we’re working vertically. Fold the panel in half.
Next, fold it again, vertically, like a clutch. Lastly, tape the sides and you’re done!

Click here to see another duct tape project!

scotch duct tape, scotch, duct tape
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This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape. To see more creative projects, visit www.ScotchDuctTape.com

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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 I’m bringing back Motivational Monday! I found these pictures via Tumblr.
 These are my tips and insight from my own experiences!

1. Don’t Take Things So Seriously.

I know you’re a hard worker and you’re probably working toward something that is going to benefit your life. But it is LIFE. There are so many wonderful things out there that should be worth taking the time to STOP and look at. Stop and smell the roses. Relax, and take a load off. Too much work will eventually make you into a crazed fire breathing dragon. Life will go on. Go to the beach. Go hang out with people who have fun. Break out of your routine. Do something silly. Shake your snow globe as my mom, the Crafty Chica would say!

 2. Love for the Right Reasons.

 Loneliness can be a major pain in the heart. But that shouldn’t be the reason why you’re ready to date, or love again. Love is so sacred and powerful. Loving for the wrong reasons just leaves you more wounded than before. Love yourself first. Write a list of what you deserve, and what YOU could contribute. Love isn’t one sided and shouldn’t be all “take take take.” You’ll know when you’re ready.  
3. Surround Yourself Wisely 

 Surround yourself with happy people. If anything, I’ve learned that happy people are so much more fun! haha I know everyone has their highs and lows. So surround yourself with someone who’ll lift you up, not drag you down. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and push you to be a better you. With that, inspire them to do the same. We’re all hustlin’ to be the best, and instead of fighting, let’s start building each other up! 

These are my tips for Motivational Monday! See you next Monday!!!

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These are my “Tell me about it, STUD.” Flats. (Clever, right?) I LOVE me some black flats, but what do you do when they get scruffed up? STUD THEM! This is a QUICK and EASY project using Liquid Fusion! Here we go!


 Step One: I lightly sanded my shoes in the area I wanted to glue. Next, pour some glue into a paint tray, and with a bamboo stick, apply glue on to the back of stud.

 Step Two: Place stud on to your shoe. If you’re unsure of a pattern, google “Studded Flats” and you’ll find some ideas! For this project I did sort of a triangle, top row=6, middle=5, and bottom=4. Play around with it!

Step Three: Wait for about an hour for them to dry. After that, wear those babies out!
 Check out this quick video I posted on Vine(@mayainthemoment) of the process!

I also made a headband! does it match my pink streaks? So punk, right? 🙂

Love, Mayainthemoment.com
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Love, Maya
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Hey guys! Happy Throwback Thursday 🙂 I made these inspiration videos of my friends explaining what they want to do before they die, inspired by The Buried Life when I was in High School.  This is totally mayainthemoment VINTAGE. Makes me feel old. Also. I’m turning 20 in 18 days! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH 🙁 Oh well…enjoy my youthful high school days.
ALSOOOOOOOOOO if you’re in need of a love song dedication OR a jingle for your business, I can hook you up for just FIVE dollars 🙂 go to TheLoveSongGirl.com

 JAN. 2010

APRIL. 2009

Love, Maya
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DIY Bangle using Scotch Colors adn Patterns Duct Tape!

Hey Guys! MayaInTheMoment here, bringing you another easy and cute craft using Scotch Colors&Patterns Duct Tape! So, if you’re like me, and you LOVE bright colors,bangles, AND recycling, then you’ll love this project!


Cut 5″ of Scotch tape, then cut into skinny strips. The more colors the better! Starting on the inside wrap strips around tape roll.This is where you can play around with the color patterns. Since
 Scotch Colors&Patterns Duct tape has so many patterns and colors to choose from, Go crazy and mix colors together, or use the color blocking technique! In this video I used both styles. This bangle will definitely make your outfit POP! Have fun!

This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape

Take the Style that Sticks quiz to find your personal style and for the chance to win free samples!http://www.scotchducttape.com/

Love, Maya
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