EASY HOW TO: Scotch Duct Tape Chevron Purse and Clutch

Hey guys! So, Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape just came out with some more awesome patterns and colors. I especially loved the “Prep Chevron”. Also wanted to make something that wasn’t too flashy (which is hard for me to do…) In this tutorial I’m showing you how to make an easy purse, with a matching clutch!


Create two panels by cutting two eleven 18″ strips of tape. Create the straps with one strip of tape, then folding it together. Place one strap onto to one panel, and the other on the second one. Do this BEFORE you folder the panels in half.
Fold the two panels in half- you should have two panels with one strip. Connect together by taping the bottom outside, then tape the inside. Do the same with the sides. You’re done!

Create another panel similar to the purse, except now we’re working vertically. Fold the panel in half.
Next, fold it again, vertically, like a clutch. Lastly, tape the sides and you’re done!

Click here to see another duct tape project!

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This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape. To see more creative projects, visit www.ScotchDuctTape.com

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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Make Your Own Mariachi Pants!

I’ve been so busy with finals that I forgot the share last week’s craft project for iLoveToCreate! My dad helped me make these crazy and kooky mariachi-inspired pants! Yes, I really wore them out last weekend too! Mexican spirit, style and music should be celebrated all year long, not just on Cinco de Mayo, right????

Speaking of mariachi music – check out my friend’s band called METALACHI! It’s heavy metal and mariachi combined! Look out for the violinist, he is a longtime family friend and is amazingly talented, he’s Quetzal Guerrero.

Love, Maya
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Sparkle Your Shades (Giveaway!) #SeHablaMusica

See the bottom of this post to enter to win 
a pair of Target sunglasses and a package of Tulip Glam It Up Crystals!

When I was in Miami at Hispancize 2013, Target was one of the sponsors. Do you know how much I LOVEEEE Target? They had a cool dance area with a DJ spinning tunes from the Billboard Latin Music Awards and were giving away these cool glasses that look like RayBans with the Target logo on them. Also, they were nice enough to send us some for the Crafty Chica Cruise that my mom runs every year. So I got a second pair!!!!

I decided to add some crystals to my shades. It’s super easy, you can do it too…

 You’ll need a little bit of sandpaper, Aleene’s Tacky Glue, Tulip Glam It up Crystals and sunglasses! Lightly sand the top of the glasses. Add a thin bead of glue and use a crayon to add a row of crystals.

 Let them set until they’re dry. 

Now, let’s talk Latin music. My mom has been playing the CD around the house and now I’m getting hooked. Not only on the artists included, but other Latina music artists too. Some of my favorite bands are La Santa Cecelia from Los Angeles and a new artist named Matt Hunter. He’s like the Spanish-language version of the Biebs! Here’s a video so you can see for yourself!


GIVEAWAY: Tweet this giveaway and I’ll choose two names to win a set of Target sunglasses and a package of Tulip Glam It Up Crystals! You can earn an extra entry if you tell me your favorite music artist in the comments below! Good luck!

You can win this!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Love, Maya
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These are my “Tell me about it, STUD.” Flats. (Clever, right?) I LOVE me some black flats, but what do you do when they get scruffed up? STUD THEM! This is a QUICK and EASY project using Liquid Fusion! Here we go!


 Step One: I lightly sanded my shoes in the area I wanted to glue. Next, pour some glue into a paint tray, and with a bamboo stick, apply glue on to the back of stud.

 Step Two: Place stud on to your shoe. If you’re unsure of a pattern, google “Studded Flats” and you’ll find some ideas! For this project I did sort of a triangle, top row=6, middle=5, and bottom=4. Play around with it!

Step Three: Wait for about an hour for them to dry. After that, wear those babies out!
 Check out this quick video I posted on Vine(@mayainthemoment) of the process!

I also made a headband! does it match my pink streaks? So punk, right? 🙂

Love, Mayainthemoment.com
YOUTUBE: youtube.com/ahhmaya1234

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Love, Maya
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