Random Acts of Kindness Gift Boxes #CraftersRAK

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with ConsumerCrafts.com and BlueprintSocial.com. I received product and/or payment, but all opinions below are from my own experience.

2013 was the year of Vine for me. That six-second app really changed my life. It pushed me to be creative, but most important, it introduced me to a world of new friends. This campaign for ConsumerCrafts.com is about Random Acts of Kindness. I knew exactly what I wanted to make and give! Gifts for my fellow Viners! I wish I could share who, but it’s a secret. However, I can show you the boxes I made!

I started with these, that I got from ConsumerCrafts.com. The big one I LOVE – it has a puffy lid. I also got some smaller boxes in a nesting set.

The first step is to paint them with a basecoat. I used the Vine colors, but if you can use whatever colors you want! I then sketched out the Vine logo on the box and filled it in with paint. I kinda went with my own style of color combos…

Next, I coated the edges with Tacky Glue and glitter!

And here is one more. What I loved about ConsumerCrafts.com is that they had EVERYTHING I needed for this project!

Make sure to visit ConsumerCrafts.com!

– Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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Here are a couple of DIY nail tutorials. Whenever the holidays are here, I always have the urge to glitter my nails bright red. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel it’s officially christmas season. Anyway, here it is!

1.First, put a clear coat on your nails, then dab the glitter over them while they’re still wet.

2.Let the glitter dry over the clear coat, and once it’s fully dry put another clear coat over the glitter just to make sure it stays on.

3.Once you’ve finished both hands, and your nails are COMPLETELY dry, then go wash your hands a couple of times, just to get off the excess glitter on your hands. Because there will be lots!

NOTE: If you want them to last- put on an extra clear coat.

If glitter isn’t for you, here is an alternative!
I have another tutorial where I decoupaged all of the Twilight books. haha Don’t judge me, I was sixteen or something… (*sigh*TEAM JACOB)

 Collage Pauge® Instant Decoupage™

  • Clear nail polish 
  • Printed images on THIN PAPER of Breaking Dawn movies images or Twilight book covers
  •  Scissors 
  •  Paintbrush 
  •  Directions: 

 1. Paint your nails with two coats of your favorite nail polish color, let dry between coats.

 2. Print out images for your nails, resize them using a computer program like word or an image program. Size them to fit your nails, cut them out.

3. Using a paintbrush, apply a coat of Collage Pauge to your nail and then affix the image. Use the brush to smooth it out. Make sure all the ends are sealed down.

 4. Apply a coat of Collage Pauge on top of the image, let dry. Again, make sure images are sealed down.

5. Add a coat or two of clear nail polish and let dry between coats. This will make them waterproof.

 6. If you want, you can add clear glitter polish for an extra “sparkle” effect!

NOTE: They won’t last forever, but about a day or so, especially if you wash your hands a lot.

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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Top Hat Headbands for sale!

I’m on my way to New York City this weekend to perform with Jeshua from BoiFromIpanema at the Casa Latina Home Expo. I decided to get crafty to try and raise some spending money!

Here are some top hat headbands that I made from fabrics and trims. You can see all of them here! email me if you want one and I’ll send you a paypal invoice.

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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DIY Corpse Bride Costume

This is me a few years back when I went as the Corpse Bride.

A few years ago, I went as the Corpse Bride. We took a thrift store wedding dress, soaked it in the kitchen sink with 8 large tea bags, bought a wig, painted some blue on it and we painted my arm like a skeleton. My dad painted my face, the eyebrows are key. You gotta get that “curvy” thing down! My mom added a light blue wash color to my skin using watered-down body art paint.

The Corpse Bride


Corpse Bride Costume


1 unwanted wedding dress or slip (can find for cheap at the thrift store)
1 unwanted wedding veil
1 unwanted pair of long white gloves (optional)
1 black wig with white stripes (or all black is fine)
1 can blue spray-on hair paint
Tulip Face Paint Kit
Medium brush and a liner brush, sea sponge, cup of water
Red lip liner
1 box of large tea bags

Directions: Take the dress and snip it vertically in various places at the bottom, and then rip it up above the knee, so the lining shows. Snip, and then rip the hand portion off the gloves. Fill the kitchen sink halfway with hot water, and add about 8 tea bags. Submerge the dress, veil and gloves in the tea bath and let soak for a couple of hours. During the process, squeeze the tea bags in your hands over various areas of the dress so there will be contrast in the stain. When the dress, veil and gloves are at the desired shade, take them out, wring and then hang to dry or put in dryer. Lay the dress flat on a table and on the right side of the rib cage area, paint on a white blob. Outline it with the black paint, using the liner brush so the blob will look like a hole in the dress. Use the white to paint bones and use the yellow to highlight and black to outline. Let dry.

To paint the wig, go outside and use the blue hair spray paint to cover the white streaks.

To paint the body, you want to create a “blue wash” look. Create a creamy, watery mixture of the light blue, white and water. Use the sponge to spread a light layer over the face, neck, arms and upper chest and back. Use the white and black paints to paint bones on the left arm. If desired, paint the skeleton jaw line and teeth along the left side of the face. Under the right eye, use the green, red and yellow paints to draw the maggot that crawls out of Emily’s eye.

The trick to getting the right facial expression is to paint the eyebrows in a curvy fashion (see picture), use dark-blue eye shadow on the lids and paint lines for the eyelashes. Use the lip liner to outline the shape of the mouth and fill in.
Here is one of my favorite scenes:

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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