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Hey loves! A very happy summer to you, and you and you! So far summer has greeted me with long naps, top-knot buns, and Birthday Cake oreos.*drools* As for the AZ heat- I am very excited and thrilled to start screaming bloody murder every time I put my seat beat on in the car.(If you live in Arizona you will … Read More

24 Love Tingles in 24 Hours: Romantic Movie Kisses

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Here at Maya in the Moment headquarters, we (I) feel everyday should be Valentine’s Day! My parents have been married for almost 22 years and they still act like silly newlyweds.  That’s the kind of love I long for someday when I’m older and ready to settle down. Until then, I’m still a dreamy hopeless romantic. Let’s celebrate! Welcome to … Read More

DEEPEST WATERS: New original song!

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LINK I recorded and wrote the music yesterday and couldn’t think of any lyrics. Tonight, they just came to me! Hope you like it! Live in the moment!Love, MayaSubscribe to my videos!Add me on Facebook! http://www.mayainthemoment.com