Sobbing On A Glittered Floor

Hey guuuuys…It’s been awhile.
These past two months have been insanely AMAZING for me!

Me speaking on a social networking panel in Miami!

I traveled Miami, Florida to speak on a panel about promoting your music on social media for *Hispanicize*, had a week home, then back on the road to California for the 7th Annual Crafty Chica Cruise. After that I had a couple of hours at home (exhausted) and the very next morning I was on the road for my great grandma Carmen’s 80th birthday party in a beach house in San Diego with my family!

From the 7th annual CraftyChica Cruise 2013

Exciting, right?

Well, I’m home and reality greeted me with a huge slap in the face.
Finals are next week.
I’m behind on my blog and YouTube.
Negative people whom I kept pushing out of my life return.

Ugh. I know this seems completely stupid, but all of this stress came at me full force. So what do I do?


Haha. I literally sat on my mom’s glittered floor in the art room, and sobbed. I think the main reason I did this was because I was couldn’t find the fabric glue for my latest craft project. “Maya. are you reaaaally crying about fabric glue right now?”  It really wasn’t the fabric glue. I was unmotivated with my life. I mean, I’m freaking twenty years old. I JUST got back from speaking on a panel in BEAUTIFUL Miami. I sailed the ocean with my favorite people and sang to them. Lastly, I spent a week with my family in San Diego. I have absolutely no reason to be unhappy. But I was. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for everything God gave me. I was just unhappy with myself. I just don’t know where I’m going, or what I should do. Or, if what I’m doing is the right path. How do you know if something is meant to be?

You don’t.

I was so focused on what I should be doing, instead of just doing. How was I going to figure out if I’m meant for something if I don’t even give my 100%? That, my friends is called self sabotage. Why do we do this? Limit ourselves on purpose? It’s a mystery to me, but I’m working on it. After I sobbed on that glittered floor, I picked myself up, and got my work done. I still have a buttload of work to do, but I’m taking it one step at time. As far as figuring out what I want to do? I’m just gonna continue doing. Whatever is meant to be, will be. Das it.

If any of you are stabbing yourself repeatedly with a knife leaving yourself to bleed out on the floor    self sabotaging yourself, here is a helpful website:

Here are MY tips for motivating yourself to get up and life your life to the fullest, especially during those times when you feel like crying on a glittered floor…
1. Get it out and let yourself cry like a baby for 15 minutes, then STOP. Crying feels good at first but doesn’t solve any problems, you’re wasting precious time that you could be making your life better!

2. Make an action list. Start with the easiest items first, so feel good about finishing them.

3. Give yourself the opportunity to try! Instead of thinking for the easy way out, break a sweat and challenge yourself to go above and beyond than you ever have before!

So I’ll end this emotional whiny rant with some pictures. Okay? <3
A collage of my favorite moments from Hispanicize 2013

My ukulele in Mexico.

Singing to my great grandma Carmen for her 80th birthday in San Diego.

Love, Maya
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CRAFT: DIY Holiday Nails!

 I’ve been wanting to try all kinds of nail art but the problem is that I can’t grow my nails long! I was looking on Pinterest the other day and saw that a lot of people are buying the press-on nails and decorating them. You can buy a set of 100 nails for under $6 at the grocery store, that is right in my price range!

What I like best about this method is that you can decorate the nails on a table instead of on your fingers, which gives you more control. And you can pop them on and off as you like. Think of them as jewelry that you can make and switch in and out as you wish.

 You’ll need blank nails, nail glue, plus nail polish. Then get some Puffy Paint, Tulip Tweezers and Tulip Glam It Up Crystals.

 Here is something I didn’t think of – I bought the loose nails as opposed to the ones connected to a strip of plastic. No prob, I just used a strip of Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion® Peel and Stick Tape™
to hold down the nails as I painted them. Choose the nails by trying them on your finger to get the right size, trim with scissors if needed.

 Paint the base coat with nail polish, then clear polish and let dry. Add a tiny dot of Puffy Paint, then use the tweezers to pick up a crystal and drop in the center of the paint. Do this for all the nails and let dry.

 When they’re dry, simply pop them off, add the nail glue and press on your fingertips. I decorated two sets and mixed and matched them. It’s addicting! And you can do a set to give as a gift for Christmas.

 I love my nails! I’m excited to make more!

 Thanks for checking out my project! Come visit me on my Facebook page!

Love, Maya
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DIY Bangle using Scotch Colors adn Patterns Duct Tape!

Hey Guys! MayaInTheMoment here, bringing you another easy and cute craft using Scotch Colors&Patterns Duct Tape! So, if you’re like me, and you LOVE bright colors,bangles, AND recycling, then you’ll love this project!


Cut 5″ of Scotch tape, then cut into skinny strips. The more colors the better! Starting on the inside wrap strips around tape roll.This is where you can play around with the color patterns. Since
 Scotch Colors&Patterns Duct tape has so many patterns and colors to choose from, Go crazy and mix colors together, or use the color blocking technique! In this video I used both styles. This bangle will definitely make your outfit POP! Have fun!

This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape

Take the Style that Sticks quiz to find your personal style and for the chance to win free samples!

Love, Maya
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DIY Bow Necklace!

Duct tape jewelry? Doesn’t sound classy, right? Wrong! I whipped up a batch of duct tape bows are easy to make and with the variety of Scotch Colors and Patterns available, you’ll never run out of ideas. If you’re like me, you’ll end up making a big batch. I used them for pins, rings and my favorite – necklaces. Here’s a classy spin on duct tape!

-Cutting Mat
-Necklace Chain
-Needlenose Pliers
-Hole Punch
-4 Jumps Rings
-Necklace Clasp


To make a 3” bow, cut a 15” strip with craft knife. Cut two half-inch strips for the backing and the center of the bow. Then fold long strips together, and fold ends into center. Using one of the two half-inch strips, seal the back. It’ll look like a chunky bracelet. Pinch center to create the bow look, and wrap the last half-inch strip around the bow.

Punch a hole in the back top layer on each side of the bow.

Attach jump ring to each side.
Cut two 9” strips of necklace chain, and attach chain to jump rings.
Close jump rings tightly with needlenose pliers.
At a jump ring on one of end necklace chain, then add the necklace clasp on the other side using needlenose pliers.
Hope you had as much fun as I did! 🙂

This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape
Take the Style that Sticks quiz to find your personal style and for the chance to win free samples.

Love, Maya
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Hey guys! So the video above is inspired by Neutrogena’s Wave For Change campaign. This campaign is helping thousands of kids! For this back to school season, with each Neutrogena product that is purchased between July 1st- August 31st, they will donate to three charities from GlobalGiving.(Para Los Ninos, KIPP, Education Through Music) So, how can YOU help? It’s actually easier than you think. Click HERE or the video below and simply WATCH. With your view you are changing the future for thousands of children in the United States. With each view Neutrogena is donating $1 to these charities.  Easy, right?! Share it! Tweet it, post it on Facebook, Tumblr, Pintrest, any way you can.

  I connected with this campaign mainly because I think education is extremely important.(Although sometimes I just want to crawl into a ball and cry because of all the homework….but who doesn’t? …right? ) It’s giving me the tools to achieve my dreams and there are SO many children out there who don’t even have the opportunity to go. As I explained in my video, the arts program in school were a HUGE part of who I am today. It’s allowed me to express myself through performing on stage in musicals, singing songs in my videos, and writing music as well. I couldn’t image my life without it. I hope you guys check out this amazing campaign and watch this video. I am so honored to be a part of this campaign!

Love, Maya
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Wave For Change Twitter Party!!!

 Theme: Creating Change Through Education

Date: Wednesday, July 25th

Time: 6:00PM PST – 7:30PM PST / 9:00PM EST – 10:30PM EST

Where: On Twitter with the Hashtag #WaveforChange.

Celebrity Guest: Actress and musician Sandra Echeverría @SandraEcheverr

Hosts: @BlogsByLatinas @JeannetteKaplun @LatinMami @MamaXXI @MayaintheMoment @ThoughtsofaMomy

Moderated by: @lbconnect and @laflowers

Prizes: Three winners! $100 Gift Card each and Neutrogena products

To be eligible to win, you must join the party and participate during the hour with an original tweet (RT´s not eligible) using the #WaveforChange hashtag and answer the Giveaway questions correctly.

You can join us by following the #WaveforChange hashtag via any Twitter platform. You could win $100 gift card AND Neutrogena products!

Here’s a customized tweetgrid with all the hosts and guests: or on Tweetchat:

Love, Maya
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 Hey guys! Over the past three years i’ve gotten questions about everything under the sun. So I decided to vlog about it right here for you! These vlogs are RAW and UNEDITED. Also, might run a little long. In this video I talk about my own body issues and some ways to overcome hateful thinking. C’mon guys. Our body is a temple. Cherish it! Anyways, here’s the first of many!

 More to come!

Love, Maya
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ROCK OF AGES – Splat Color Hair Dye Giveaway!


Warner Bros. has given me FIVE Rock of Ages prize packs to giveaway this week!


Each prize pack includes:
·         2 Rock of Ages Splat Hair Color Kit (Various Colors: Lusty Lavender, Electric Blue, Hot Pink, Jet Black, Luscious Berry)
A Rock of Ages Splat Bag
A Rock of Ages Arsenal T-Shirt·
A Rock of Ages I Love Stacy Jaxx Tank
A Rock of Ages Poster
How to enter: Unscramble the words to reveal the Mexican born actor starring in ROCK OF AGES:  GIDEO ATBENO.
Tweet @mayainthemoment #DiegoRocks “_(answer)_” and leave a comment below with your link  to enter for a chance to win.
I’ll use the Random Number Generator to draw five winners, who will each get one of the above prize packs!

Check out  Warner Bros. Cine – Latino Facebook for even more promotions on behalf of the film!

June 15, Warner Bros. Pictures invites you to experience the rock musical film ROCK OF AGES starring Diego Boneta, the Mexican born actor and singer in the lead male role opposite Julianne Hough and accompanied by the all-star cast of Russell Brand, Paul Giamatti, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Malin Akerman, Mary J. Blige, Alec Baldwin, and Tom Cruise.  ROCK OF AGES In theaters and IMAX on June 15(New Line Cinema)

 “Rock of Ages” tells the story of small town girl Sherrie and city boy Drew, who meet on the Sunset Strip while pursuing their Hollywood dreams. Their rock ‘n’ roll romance is told through the heart-pounding hits of Def Leppard, Joan Jett, Journey, Foreigner, Bon Jovi, Night Ranger, REO Speedwagon, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Poison, Whitesnake and more. 

Love, Maya
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Alright. So you guys all know Kimbra as “the girl in that one weird video with that weird guy with paint on their bodies and stuff singing about somebody they used to know” (as my little cousins have once stated) My mom and I found Kimbra while YouTube surfing for new music back in October 2011. This is the first video we saw. And we were hooked.
(Of course anything with bright colors, pink lipstick, and Pom Pom Fringe is sure to catch our attention….) Next we saw her collab with Gotye -not going to post the video ’cause i’m pretty sure you’ve seen it. Unless you’re from a different planet.In that case, HI! WELCOME TO MAYAINTHEMOMENT!Anyways…this girl is AMAZING. Her voice alone is crazy good.  This video will confirm.

She has such a control over her voice…and those techniques?! What also amazes me is the way she sings with passion. Which is something I strive for in my own performances.
Did I mention she was GORGEOUS? (girl crush? I think yes.)

Cray cray. I could go on… 🙂  Definitely check her out 🙂

Love, Maya
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