Hi everyone!
Here is a song I’m working on currently, (and by currently I mean I made it last night at 4am…lol). It’s a rough draft, so some stuff might be off.
 I made this all on garage band, all by myself. This goes to show sometimes you don’t need a big fancy music studio to start creating your own sound. DIY. Do. It. Yourself. Although, it would be SWEET to make music in one… I’m just saying, don’t let that stop you from making music.
Anyway, later i’m going to work on cleaning some of the levels up.
Until then, ENJOY!

For anyone who want to learn this song, Here are the lyrics, and chords.
CHORDS: Gmaj7 , Am

 down, up, downchuck, up, downchuck repeat.
(here’s a tutorial on chucking, it takes practice! )
For beginners, you can do whatever strum pattern feels most comfortable 🙂

Gmaj7              Am
Hey, Wake up right now
                            Gmaj7 Am
So I can see your face
I missed you so much
Since you’ve been away
In dreamland

And I feel the same way
As I did last night
Cause I woke up this morning
And It felt so right
It’s been a long time coming
It’s been a long time coming

I don’t really think you know how much I love you
(love you, love you, love you,)
But then again I don’t really think I show you how much I love you
(love you, love you, love you,)
repeat 1x

I can be your queen if you need one
So you don’t have to worry
Cause I got your back
Yeah I got your back


Love, Maya

MayaInTheMoment’s NYC Faves!

Hey guys! I just got back from NYC, and it was probably the best trip I have ever been on. (Mind you that this is my sixth or seventh year traveling to the Big Apple.) With that, here are my top 5 fav things I did on this New York City trip.

1. NYC in Fall
Those leaves, crisp air, and pumpkin spice lattes(do u even pumpkin spice latte?! jk) I honestly LOVE FALL. Especially in NYC. Since I’m from Arizona,(where the sun’s kisses are like satan’s farts in your face.Wait, what?) it was nice wear a jacket and scarf for once. Also, look how pretty Central Park is!!!

BoiFromIpanema playing in the leaves.

2. Central Park’s Bubble Man (Yes, BUBBLES!)
There’s this magical man in Central Park, around Bethesda Fountain. He literally has a huge net that he dips in a bucket containing magical bubble juice. Then, he waves it around and all the lil’ children gather to pop them. These bubbles are gigantic, and they were MY bubbles. (Finding Nemo reference, anyone?)



3. Eataly’s EVERYTHING.
Oh.My.Gawt. This place is heaven. Eataly, according to the internets: “is a high-end Italian food market/mall chain which first opened in Turin, Italy, in January 2007. A New York City Eataly opened in August 2010.” 
The food is heaven. The atmosphere is heaven. The coffee is heaven. Even though it’s expensive, it’ll definitely be worth your money. I just…unffff.


4. Museum of Natural History
Yeah, nuff’ said.

My favorite part of traveling is experiencing it with friends. BoiFromIpanema, Jeshua, is probably my favorite travel partner. (Also, possibly my favorite person, because well, he’s amazing) You gotta have a ride or die when you travel. Some who will drag out to get late night pizza because it’s tradition. (Thanks for that, btw!) It’s also good to have local friends who can show you around. Ever since Vine, I’ve befriended so many wonderful people. I was happy I got to meet some of them in NYC!

1. First night of meeting Vine friends.
2. Second night meeting Vine friends.(Us in Action!)
3. My beautiful cousin Christina!
4. BoiFromIpanema, my favorite travel partner<3

Overall, I always have SO much fun whenever I go to New York. If you’re planning on a vacation, I recommend this wonderful place. Bring comfortable shoes though. (Btw, Thank you Justice, for letting me borrow your winter clothes and boots. <3) I <3 New York. Every time I come back, I always feel like the possibles are endless. I feel so inspired to kick up my career, and to some day reside in the big city. Until next time, New York!