Hey Guys!

My family and I just got back from the 10th annual Crafty Chica Cruise! For those who don’t know, my mama is pretty much a rockstar and gets about 50+ crafty women on a cruise to craft. This year we went to Cabo, Maztalan, and Puerto Vallarta!

We had to drive to Long Beach with my parents, cousin Dusty, and NonnieChula….including  20 bags. Yes, about 3 bags for each person with additional cruise supplies in boxes. Being the anxious person that I am, I was like,


giphy 2

I remembered that my family and I reviewed the Kia Sedona a while back, so I wrote to them and they said YES! My family was like,

giphy (1)

You’re welcome, fam.

One of the many cool features of the Kia Sedona was the DVD player! We got to watch our old family videos. I even watched my as a teenager. Let’s just say he looked like a punk… LOL


Luckily, this was the smoothest part of our trip. The actual cruise has some adventurous moments to say the least. Which will all be explained in this week’s video! But as far as fitting all the luggage in the car, that was a bit of a challenge, considering it’s like a game of Tetris. We put all the big luggage on the bottom, then the smaller ones on top. After that we just stuffed all the extra swag bags. AND IT WORKED! lol

Thanks again to Kia for loaning us the Sedona! It was the perfect to take us to the cruise 🙂