PAYING IT FORWARD + My Thanksgiving Week with the Toyota Highlander!

Hey guys!

Last week was thanksgiving and now it’s December…WHAAAA?
It was such a crazy week between errands, work, family, friends, and FOOOOD.

Thankfully Toyota gave me a Highlander for the holiday week to keep me and my family sane! Here are some cute pics of me and my cousins:

12108016_1087363681274353_5349342157489493903_n IMG_7401 (1)

While I had the car I thought of doing this YouTube challenge called, “The 7 Second Challenge” created by well, YouTubers!

OMG. What a fun game. You can check it out here!

They also gave me a starbucks giftcard to buy someone’s drink! If you’re on my snapchat, (@mayainthemoment) you probably saw how nervous I was. I didn’t record the lady’s reaction because, well, um that’s creepy and awkward LOL. While I was in the drive thru I told the barista I wanted to buy the car’s order behind me and he was like, “what! omg yes!!! I love that!”. Then I pulled up front to check out her reaction. I rolled my window down and when the barista told her and  she SCREAMED, “WHAT? OMG”

200_s 2



I waved at her and smiled but I don’t think she understood because she made this face:


images 2


I didn’t care because her first reaction was GOLDDDDD. ugh. so.cute. LOL

Thanks to Toyota for the wonderful experience and highlander! I had so much fun! I definitely encourage you guys to #PayItForward this holiday season! (And also probably every other season lol)