My morning routine w/ Neutrogena! #LETSSOLVEIT

This post is in partnership with Neutrogena. However, the words, experiences and opinions are my own!

Hey guys!

It’s back to school season, which can be waaaay stressful. Personally, I ALWAYS break out at this time. Which sucks, because I never know what I should use to treat my acne. Which adds MORE STRESSSSS.

(I know, first world problems lolol)

Recently, I’ve partnered up with Neutrogena to show you this awesome website called, Basically, the site asks you a series of questions about your acne, and based on your answers, it matches you up with Neutrogena products that are best for your type of skin!

Can you saaaaay, “YAAAAAAAAS”?!

Watch the video to see my morning routine and the products I was match with!

I’m in LOVE with anything grapefruit, so I was extremely happy with my result. Also, those makeup wipes are my JAAAM! Now it’s time for you to take the test!

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