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Hey guys!
Comment below or Snap me (@mayainthemoment( what you’d do with the extra time you’d save using Tide Pods!

As you know, I call myself Lazy Girl when it comes to, well, everything. I always try to look for the easiest and low maintenance way of doing things. Especially with chores. *groaaaaaaaan*

Recently, I’ve teamed up with Tide to show you all that the laundry struggle is OVER! There’s actually an easy one step way of doing laundry now, with Tide Pods. Did you hear me?! EASYYYY!

This is GR8 news considering I’m still learning how to “adult”. haha


This is what the Tide Pods look like, they are these cute little packages of awesome, that are made up of three compartments that are 2x as strong as regular detergent. All packed in that pod! And, they smell gr8!


My boyfriend pillow was becoming a little stanky, so I decided to try the pods out! All you do is drop the Tide Pods in, and you’re good to go! No measuring cups!


While you wait, take a couple selfies! Umm, totally optional btw..the packaging is just so bright, I thought it’d look cute in a selfie, ok…


I’m really excited to do laundry now! However, as you saw in the main picture, I really do have all that laundry left to do. #oops lol

BUT! I have some tips for those who aren’t laundry savvy (like me) coming up in a video next week!

Stay tuned for that!

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