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Hey Guys!

As you all know, I’m working with the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program  which encourages you all to get involved with the community. I was so inspired to get involved within my own community, so I found an organization that I wanted to spotlight called Fresh Start Women. It is an organization that provides guidance and self-empowerment for women going through career changes, domestic violence, and more. I brought my mom with me to tour the facility!

They hold several seminars for self-esteem, yoga, career services, etc. For certain seminars, EVERYONE in the community can join in. We learned so much about what they do for the women in the community, and a little about ourselves too!



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What I found really moving was the fact they encourage asking for help. This really hit home because one of my insecurities is asking for help. I feel dumb. A burden. Prideful. Why do we feel this way? They really instill that asking for help isn’t showing weakness- it’s actually extremely powerful and shows strength. I think it’s really amazing they give women in need everything they need to succeed. The CEO was even a Fresh Start alumni! After touring I’m definitely going to volunteer my time with them! Make Ukulele lessons? How to be a Princess lesson? (lol) I’m so inspired!

Speaking of inspiration, what cause did you vote for?

Each organization in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist program connects individuals and communities through building safer, stronger and better educated communities. You can still cast in your votes! Click here! Tweet me your cause! #SFNEIGHBORHOODASSIST

I really encourage you all to ask for help when needed. Not only that, lend a hand and help those who need it too! Thank you guys for following my journey with State Farm and I hope this encourages you to get involved!