Love You – A Love Song!

Hi everyone!

I made this all on garage band last year around this time and thought I would share it with all of you again! I made it all by myself. This goes to show sometimes you don’t need a big fancy music studio to start creating your own sound. DIY. Do. It. Yourself. Although, it would be SWEET to make music in one… I’m just saying, don’t let that stop you from making music.
Anyway, later I’m going to work on cleaning some of the levels up.
Until then, ENJOY!

For anyone who want to learn this song, Here are the lyrics, and chords.
CHORDS: Gmaj7 , Am

down, up, downchuck, up, downchuck repeat.
(here’s a tutorial on chucking, it takes practice! )
For beginners, you can do whatever strum pattern feels most comfortable 🙂

Gmaj7              Am
Hey, Wake up right now
Gmaj7 Am
So I can see your face
I missed you so much
Since you’ve been away
In dreamland

And I feel the same way
As I did last night
Cause I woke up this morning
And It felt so right
It’s been a long time coming
It’s been a long time coming

I don’t really think you know how much I love you
(love you, love you, love you,)
But then again I don’t really think I show you how much I love you
(love you, love you, love you,)
repeat 1x

I can be your queen if you need one
So you don’t have to worry
Cause I got your back
Yeah I got your back


Love, Maya