Hey guys! So if you follow me on instagram or snapchat you know that I got to drive the 2015 #Toyota #Yaris! My friend Nathaniel and I wanted to ring in 2015 in Cali with our Vine friends, and we did just that! 
Here’s a recap from my trip in case you missed it!

 I have to be honest with you guys though, I was kind of intimidated to drive in LA cause, well, you know. Crazy drivers(see gif below) and TRAFFIC!
 But I actually found my confidence in the Yaris. It’s compact size was PERFECT for zipping around in LA. Here’s a victory selfie of when we found the only compact spot left on the 2nd floor at the Grove. YAAAAAS!
The first thing I got to do was FINALLY meet one of my long time Vine friends, Mario Dominic! I even got to hear him sing!! (see below)

When I was there I also did a collab with one of my newest Vine friends, (and rising YouTube star) Alex Moothart!
(ALSO- click his name to see his viral vine!)
Check it out!!
Last but not least, NEW YEARS PARRRRTAY! I had planned to do 294789734897534 vines but when we got there the house was on a CLIFF. Yes, a CLIFF. So we kinda had to park downhill which was literally, DOWNHILL ON A CLIFF. It was also -3948239423 degrees outside. LOL
But anyway, here are some moments from that!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!! Mine was wonderful, and most importantly SAFE! Thank you again to the 2015 #Toyota #Yaris for making this the best New Years trip ever.
Love, Maya!