MotoX and UE Boom Speaker REVIEW #VZWBUZZ


Hey guys! I have some gadgets for you that I think you’ll LOVE. 
 The first is called the “UE BOOM” from Ultimate Ears and it’s a wireless speaker! 
This was my first experience with a wireless speaker, and omg it’s AMAZING. Basically, it can connect up to 8 devices through bluetooth. That means your iPad, iPhone, computer, etc. 

I use it EVERYWHERE! I used it to listen to Christmas music while I set up the Christmas tree, while I clean, dance parties by myself or with my puppies, and at family functions. It retails for $199.99, and it’s totally worth it. 
It has a 15 hour battery, water proof skin, and can totes fit in your purse. lololol 
It even has it’s own app!!
Me with the UE Boom….LOL
The next gadget I have for you guys is that MotoX (2 Gen). 
The battery life is awesome on this phone. I recently brought the Moto X on my NYC trip and it was so handy! I watched movies, and listened to music on the plane-without it dying! 
(4 hour plane ride, btw!) 
Compared to my iPhone, that’s pretty good. *I cringed while typing that, btw*
Took this photo with the MotoX!
For a more in depth review on the Moto X, check out my brother’s experience on my mom’s blog!
Hope you guys enjoyed my review!

Love, Maya