5 Songs That Make Me Shake My Booty

TMI? Sorry! Butts are popular right now. Gotta keep up with the trends.

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Since the HTC One M8 and I have been hanging out these past few months, we’ve gotten pretty close. (Thanks, Verizon! #MoreVerizon #VZWBuzz)
(Sorry, iPhone…I still luv u) 

What I LOVE about this phone is that there are DUAL speakers. Perf for booty shakin’.
Music lovers, ya see that!? 

Now, about the booty part. Er, I mean the music… 
I’ve been listening to these songs non-stop lately on the HTC. 
Soooooooo, here are MY 5 songs that make me dance! (in Spotify playlist!)
(Note: Music hipsters, I’m aware these are somewhat “main stream”, like Ariana, Sam, and Megan. BUT! These are (what I think) the hidden gems from their albums. So give them a chance!
What are some of your fave songs right now?! 
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Love, Maya