This is part of a sponsored campaign with Being Latino and Cox Communications. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

As you guys have probably seen from my recent vines- I’M ALL ABOUT #THEGIGLIFE! The gig life is a NEW era of internet from Cox. You can sync, stream, game AND upload on multiple devices without your internet slowing down with One GIG Internet from Cox. For all you number peeps: You can run all of your devices at the same time, download 100 tunes in 3 seconds, download an HD movie in less than 60 seconds and upload 1,000 photos in about a minute.

Same, Mulan. Saaaaaame…

In a household of four who all use the internet like we work for NASA during take off, I think my family would LOVE #TheGigLife.

Let me tell you what I’d do with #TheGigLife.

  • I’d upload videos to YouTube 10x faster.
  • Make more Vines of my dogs (LOL jk. of my chinz)
  • Get more fans on the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game (not joking………)
  • Reblog more gifs of sloths (BTW, check out their Tumblr Page:
  • Watch more videos of Miranda Sings on YouTube
  • Sing more Disney karaoke on YouTube
  • Re-watch the entire series of Dawson’s Creek for the third time on Netflix. (Also not joking)

The possibilities are endless! In all seriousness, it would benefit my growing brand! Think of all the videos I could crank out? Think of all the VINES!

Wanna try it for yourself?
Thursday, August 7th, 5pm.
I’ll be at the Cox GIG Life Experience at Chase Field Plaza at 4th and Jefferson!  Join our Twitter Party! The party will be on August 7th at 6pm MT.
Here is a link to the invitation where you can RSVP:

On game days from July 31st through August 10th Cox will be there starting two and a half hours before the first pitch, where you’ll get to try out the One GIG Internet from Cox and stream exclusive content on devices via Cox WiFi from Fox Sports Arizona and the Arizona Diamondback.

Experience fun games and giveaways including a $500 iTunes gift card and iPad.  Cox Customers can also purchase discounted Diamondback tickets by visiting and use code COXGIGIT. 

If you’re interested in the One GIG Internet from Cox, click HERE.
I hope to see you tomorrow! 

Love, Maya