Hello, loves!

I need YOUR help! Here is a little background info first-
 I started my blog when I was 16 as an after school hobby. I filmed funny comedy videos, sang songs I wrote on my ukulele, and even craft projects. I wanted to share positivity from a teenager’s point of view.

Here it is FIVE years later and wow, my blog has grown so much. My following has reached 90,000 users across Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram! I’m a full-time college student and now, running is my part-time job. These days, I use my blog to share content that I know young people my age will relate to and be inspired by. My blog has taught me so much – how to plan, write, take photos, edit videos, network and so much more. It helped me find my place in the world. I want to grow to be bigger and better! I want it to be my full-time job once I graduate college.

Now, about this fundraiser. I’m asking for your help in funding my travel expenses to Hispanicize 2014 in Miami. ( This is a large, groundbreaking blogger conference that will be beneficial to my expertise and career as a media entrepreneur. 
Bottom line? I need to buy my plane ticket. It’s getting close to the wire and I have my hotel, meals, conference pass and have even been invited to speak on a panel about viral videos. I did have a sponsor for my flight, but it fell through this week and now I’m here, heartbroken and one week away from the conference.
I’m working hard to earn money at home, but in the meantime I’m asking for your help with my plane ticket. Know that by donating, you are supporting a young Latina entrepreneur who is ready to make positive changes in the world, one blog post and video at a time. My goal is to learn as much as I can and come back and share it with my followers. 
It’s a win-win situation: Each donation comes with a gift, and an extra dose of good karma!
Thank you so much for reading this! 
P.S. Hey friends and family, Tuesday is my 21st birthday! Hint, hint!

Love, Maya