You guys asked for it! Here’s my curly hair tutorial!
DISCLAIMER:This is just a simple tutorial for those who are “hair-challenged” like me. ahha 🙂

 All my life I’ve been fighting my naturally curly hair. I straighten it, blow dry, and basically damage the heck out of it. Mainly because it gets SO big sometimes, I get insecure.

This was me a couple years ago, curling my hair in NYC. PUT THE HEATING TOOL DOWN!!

Recently I’ve just been too lazy to straighten, so I let it go free. My problem is I could never find a way to control my curls. (BTW, if you haven’t figured out by now, I have control issues. LOL)

I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I hated how some products always made my hair feel so heavy. It wasn’t until my mom brought home “L’oreal’s CURVE IT Curl Taming Cream”  from Walgreens. (Retails for about 3.99 or so) Of course, I had to try it out (AKA steal it…).

This cream smells so clean, AND it makes your hair feel super light. BUT- the trick is to use a DIFFUSER when you dry it. Here’s a site on how to use one:
Diffusers give gentle heat for naturally curly haired peeps. Less harmful than a regular blow dryer.


  • With damp hair, I sectioned off and combed out my tangles.
  •  Then I applied the cream, scrunched it, and diffused it. (Is that a word? haha)
  •  I just did it section by section. And voila!
I hope this helps a little! I’m still learning, but products like this really make things easier!
-One of my FAVORITE curly hair bloggers, Daily, from! Check out her site for more tips!!

Let me know what other posts you want me to see me do 🙂

Love, Maya