How VINE changed my life.

This is the six second video that changed my life forever with 129,000+ likes, and 89,000+ shares. This Vine led me to get shared twice by Drake Bell and YouTube musician Jeremy Passion. With all that, I now have 52,000+ followers. CRAZY. Here’s what happened.

After Instagram introduced their new video feature, I was so close to deleting vine. Mainly because it took up so much space! I ended up keeping it because I realized It’s so different from Instagram. After Vine updated their entire app, thats when everything went crazy for me. They added a share button, also known as a “revine” button. They also added channels to tag your videos in, and a more organized trending tags section. I was like, “cool! I guess I’ll post some stuff…”

I posted two silly how-to vines with the hashtag, #BeautyTipsWithMaya. (which can be found by searching that tag on vine!) Those got over 4,000 likes, and a couple hundred shares. Then I posted the Disney vine(above). It took off like wildfire. It was a lot to handle at first, but now I feel like I’ve got the hang of it!I also started a tag called #DoubleChinSaturday. Which is basically what it says- people show me their goofy side!

I am so completely grateful for everything Vine has done for me! It has brought me to connect with so many wonderful, lovely people. People that just get me. My goal with all this? To spread happiness via love song, double chin, or joke. I want to make a positive impact and brighten someone’s day. Also encourage others to do so. I know it’s just an app, but I have SIX seconds to make a difference. I want to do good with it.

Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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