Back To School Headphones with Craft Attitude!

Hey guys! It’s another year in college, which means studying GALORE. (cue sarcastic “yaaaay”) What helps me through studying? Music! (Also excessive amounts of coffee…) I had these plain white headphones that needed some TLC. I’m usually extremely messy with paint, glitter, etc- so I decided to play with Craft Attitude‘s printable film! It’s super easy. Let’s go!


First, you want to choose your design. I went to and created my designs there. Then measure your headphones. I printed out my design in black and white and on regular paper first- to see if it was the correct size. 
Next, peel the film. After this, simply rub the glue stick over the headphones, and carefully place the film onto it. Make sure you smooth out the film!
Simple as that! I’m ready to study. Not really, but I feel cooler knowing I made these myself.

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Love, Maya Anjelica Murillo
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