CRAFT: Ugly Sweater Revamp!

Hey guys! It’s officially December and of course- SWEATER SEASON! WOO! Anyone? No? Alright, well i’m super excited because I have tons of itchy ugly sweaters. Most of them are pretty cool, but some need re-vamping! If you don’t believe me, watch my sweater video HERE .So that is what I’ve decided to do today!!
 First I applied the crystals. I used a variety of big, medium and small crystals. I wanted to add some sort of design, so I started big at the top and gradually got smaller. I love how it looks! If this is your first time using the heat tool, have no fear! it’s really simple! There’s an on button, along with another button to press when you’re actually applying the crystals. Careful though, it gets hot pretty quick! Use the tool as directed in the first picture for about 30 seconds. The heat will transfer all the way to the back of the crystal, activating the glue!

Okay, here is how I glued the pockets. I cut out a piece of fabric as a template.Because I used oil cloth, I had to actually use these templates for the backing. Using Aleene’s No Sew Fabric Glue , I found that is not a washable glue, so instead I used Aleene’s OK To Wash-It.This whole gluing process took me a full day for everything to set.

Once everything is glued, you’re good to go! Now, go forth and represent your not-so-ugly-sweater!

Love, Maya
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