CRAFT: Sally Facepainting (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Hello! Since Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone is doing face painting tutorials….I thought I should do one! This is Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas! I love Tim Burton, and when I was little I asked my parents to paint me as the Corpse Bride. But Nightmare Before Christmas is the original TB classic, so much respect to my girl, Sally!



First I mixed the white and the blue and tested it on my hand. I love that these paints are super creamy and you can blend colors really easily.

You want to pull up a picture to use as a guide! I used this one:

As far as the base coat – I added a dash of green to get a teal undertone. Next I covered my whole face using a make-up wedge (you can also use a soft paintbrush), and started with the painting the eyes and lips. For the eyes, create two large white ovals that go around your eyebrows and under your eyes as well. you can paint on top of the blue, or do the white separate from the blue.
Next use the deep red to create curvy lips, outline them in black, like Sally. For face painting, you always want to exaggerate the details to look more dramatic!

 Next, I had my dad help me with the eyes and eyelashes. Since I couldnt see….haha 🙂 Paint on the stitches on each end of your mouth and up the side of the face. Don’t forget the eyelashes and eyelid contouring, use a darker shade for that!

I could  have left it like this, but I wanted to do something cool with my closed eyelids, so we painted dots, again like Sally! Once you’re done, paint your neck a little bit darker blue and add the stitches there too. 
You can make a maroon wig out of yarn or buy one at the costume shop. As far as the rag dress, look at the thrift store for a patchwork style. Or you could take a solid dress and use Fabric Fusion and glue fabric swatches all over it. 
Lastly add the last painted on stitches and you’re done!
Here is my other Halloween facepainting tutorial!

Thanks for checking out my project! 
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Love, Maya
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