Fall Tie-Dye Scarf

It doesn’t matter that it’s still 100 degrees in my hometown…it’s September! Which equals…FALL! This is my “Hurry up and cool down Arizona, It’s September, duh.” scarf.



 Tulip Tie Dye in Fuschia & Purple
Zip Ties
A Scarf

Place a trash bag to cover your table/workplace. Pinch scarf as shown to start applying zip ties.

Attach zip tie in 1″ increments along the scarf. (It looks like a centipede! eeww :p )
Wet scarf so that the tie dye can absorb it then apply on to scarf.
I wanted a faded look, so I let it dry outside for two hours since the fabric was thin.
Cut off zip ties (this could take some time….) and wash!

Love, Maya
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