Hey guys! I’m going to start to do these every Thursday. These are just some things that I love. Today, FASHION!

 Anything magenta…teal…
I’m a sucker for necklaces. Especially small ones.

 Vintage! Anything vintage,with a modern twist. I would so wear these shoes because
1. The heel isnt that high
2.^ That’s pretty much it.

 This bathing suit is soooo cute. I would so wear it if I got in shape. Next goal!

Simplicity. I love simple and dreamy dresses.

 Jean jackets!!!! *swoon

If only I could find this!!!

Nails. I always have to have my nails painted…If I let my nails grow out then they’d look like this. But being a musician it’s a little difficult… oh well! Its a dream!

 I just love this mirror..not Fashion..but I thought I’d appreciate it. haha

Love, Maya
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