Scotch Duct Tape Pop Art Frame!

 Hey guys, MayaInTheMoment here bringing you another Scotch Colors & Patterns Duct Tape project! I’ve been seeing pop art everywhere in today’s fashion. For this week’s project I thought to turn that fashion into home decor. I bought 8×7 frames with 5×7 mats. These mats are usually white, and plain. But using  Scotch Colors & Patterns Duct Tape you can create a cute frame! Let’s get ART POPPIN’! (lol…jk…) šŸ˜‰

-Scotch Colors & Patterns Duct Tape
-Craft Knife
-8×7 Frame (with 5×7 photo mat)
-Picture(preferably Black&White)
 (If you have a frame but no photo mat, measure and cut out one from a cereal box!)
Take apart frame and remove photo mat. Next, choose color or pattern of Scotch Duct Tape. Place it to your liking: Diagonal, vertical, horizontal, etc. Use craft knife to cut excess. Since I chose the “Sweet Treat”Duct Tape I placed it diagonal, to show the cupcakes. This part is completely up to you!After you’re done, put frame back together. You’re all done!

This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape
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Love, Maya
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