MayaInTheMoment here! Bringing you another quick, and easy teen craft! I’ve seen many types of DIY bangles lately, and I have bangles that I don’t really wear too often(Frankly because they are plain..). So I thought, why not up-cycle them with something simple as yarn or thread? Let’s get started!
First, peel the tape and place it on the bangle. Then simply wrap yarn or thread around the bangle. This is a great project to do while you’re with friends, (or when you’re at a coffee shop with your mom drinking lattes!)
Add some bling with Tulip Crystals!
Of course it doesn’t have to stop there, how about sprinkling CraftyChica or Tulip glitter? Or adding charms? Here’s a bangle my mom did. She used a wide wood bangle and added oil cloth fabric. These bangles are definitely going to turn heads! So try it for yourself, and go crazy!
 Have fun! 

Love, Maya
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