GIVEAWAYS: Katy Perry Screening Tix & Prize Pack!! #KP3D #KatyPerry

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But I’ve got 2 pairs of exclusive tickets to the advanced screening on Monday, July 2nd (PHOENIX, AZ) AND two prize packs full of goodies:  
  • 2 Tattoos Sheets
  • A Hoodie
  • 2 Iphone Skins
  • Beach Ball 
  • T-Shirt
  • A Colored Hair Streak
All you have to do is watch this video below, like my Facebook fan page: HERE,
and comment below about a dream you’ve accomplished!
Make sure to leave your NAME and EMAIL.
This contest closes at 11:59 pm, Sunday, July 2nd, 2012. I will draw two names for the screening tickets, and two names for the prize packs.
Good luck!


Love, Maya
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11 Comments on “GIVEAWAYS: Katy Perry Screening Tix & Prize Pack!! #KP3D #KatyPerry”

  1. A dream I have semi-accomplished is, I auditioned for Tempe Idol a few weeks ago (it’s a singing competition taking place in AZ, similar to American Idol) it was a pretty scary experience, but I made it through to the next round! I have my first performance/the preliminary round on July 3! Also another dream I have accomplished is I made it into the high school drumline! I am the only freshman that made it!
    Rosi Martinez 14 (this is a great contest! It’s a coincidence you’re holding this because I just discovered you and your moms’ videos on YouTube 2 days ago 😀 )

  2. Ok this is not my dream it’s actually my 8 year old’s dream. When she started school she heard of a talent show that was held at school every year but was only for the 3rd-5th grades. She would always tell us I’m gonna enter the show and win!” long story short this year already a3rd grade she enter the talent show doing a Polynesian dance mixed in with hula hoop dance. And yes just like she said she Won. Her daddy and I couldn’t believe it didn’t know if to clap or cry but she did sure showed us that dreams do come true.

  3. Brianda Felix

    I’ve accomplished several goals in the past couple of years. I have fufilled and am still completing my goal of being involved in high school. Many people say they hate high school, but I love being involved, meeting new people, and being a part of something. Freshman year was very excting for me! I was the only freshman to get a part in my high school’s play, I was also the only freshman elected to be an officer for the club. I try-out for the soccer team and also made it. Being a part of all this has led me to live many exiting experiences.Sophomore year was a blast and I am continuing my goals this upcoming Junior year by hopefully staying involved in Theatre, Student Council, Soccer and anything else that might come my way! Ooh, and of course with academics. 😉

  4. A dream i accomplished was to get A’s and B’s on my report card this year. It happened! Even in math! I was really bad in math but i got tutoring and it helped get me a B! I’m in all honors classes and i am proud that i have accomplished to do that. Im in 7th grade and im the one of the highest grade average in my grade level! 🙂 Even though i don’t live in AZ i would love to win a prize pack to celebrate my accomplished dream! 😀 thank you sooo much if you pick me! I LOVE katy perry. My next dream to accomplish is to go to a concert and meet her! <333
    -Stephanie Alvarado

  5. Well I know this movie is mainly aimed at Teenagers and I’m not a teenager, but regardless of age I have gotten a lot from Katy Perry. I believe that t doesn’t matter the age you are. You can always achieve your dream when you don’t give up! My dream I accomplished is actually currently happening. I lost focus who I was after I married and for 17 years. I was no longer Lizzy. I was a doormat. My dream was to finally stand up as Lizzy and rise above and I am proud to say that I am currently doing so. I am running like the wind and reclaiming myself and finding new parts of me that I never even knew existed! Thank you for letting me share my story Maya!

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