I think about 85% of my friends are updating their Facebook statues to let everyone know that summer has begun.
Summer. Ohhhhhh yeah. 

I remember summer. Not too long ago I was tossing my cap in the air, (not really… I was paranoid I’d never get it back..but you know what I mean) and ready to take the world by storm.

  1. “What college are you going to?”
  2. “What are you majoring in?”
  3. “Your hair is so long and pretty!”
  • Arizona State University.
  • Public Relations.
  • I know, thank you!! It took me so long to grow it!(UGH! WHY did I cut it?!?!)

(I never thought I’d despise two simple questions so much)
Anyways. Starting out my first year of college was like Buddy Holly’s song, “Everyday” 

 Everything was perfect! I fell in love, my teachers were nice, and I had made new college friends.
I was set. What else did I need? I thought nothing could go wrong. (cause it never had before, right?!)
-Until the exams hit. The papers were graded. My hair was short. I was no longer the apple of “his” eye.-
My perfect image of college had been burnt. To a crisp. I didn’t understand “responsibility”. Actually doing hard work, like studying, or having someone edit my essay. I did the minimum work, skipped classes,  In high school I never struggled with my grades.(Except for Math, YOU SUCK) But suddenly i’m getting C’s?!  D’s?! It used to be SO easy.

I guess you can say I put on my big girl pants and realized that things don’t just magically fall into your lap. It takes hard work, self discipline, and dedication in order to succeed. And lastly, you shouldn’t make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.(Like cutting your long, healthy, curly hair. I will never let that go. lol)

Okay. Lesson learned.
 I can only go up from here, right?
Sooooo, here are my survival tips for incoming college freshmen!

Love, Maya
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