CRAFT: Gumball Toy Headband!

  It’s summer time, neon colors are in- combine with the fact that I stopped straightening my curly hair,  I needed something to harness my hair. Hello, headband! Instead of going with the boring store bought version, I decided to make my own out of my gumball toy collection, and yarn scraps!


 First I found a plain headband, sprayed Aleene’s Tacky Spray and wrapped it with yarn.

Next I got scraps of yarn, and wood pieces you can purchase at the craft store. Put a generous drop of glue on the wood piece, and wrap with yarn. I recommend gluing on the gumball toys to your wood piece BEFORE gluing on to headband, and let it dry. This way you can rearrange!

Lastly, glue on the wood pieces to your headband. You can use a clothes pin to hold it in place. And that’s a wrap! 🙂

Love, Maya
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