CRAFT: Quinceañera Scrapbook & Memory Tins!

My cousin Phylicia had her quinceañera a few weeks ago and I was so excited when I saw the pictures. Remember last week when I told you how Simplicity has a new line of quinceañera decorations at select Michaels stores? This time I used them to make Phylicia a scrapbook!

This is the Simplicity Quinceañera Scrapbook Kit. It comes with everything you need to make a memory album of your big event! 
– Scrapbook
– Assorted papers
– Two sheets of stickers
– Chipboard shapes
– Stick on crystals
As far as glue, I used a Tacky Glue stick, Tacky Glue sheets and even hot glue too!
 I loved everything in the kit, but I also used other Simplicity Quinceañera items too. 

 Start by choosing your paper.

 Choose and prep your photos! It’s good to have one focal picture for each page.

 First page, done!

 Second page, complete! When I give her the book, she can use the rest of the kit to make even more pages from her photos and mementos.

 Other ideas for your quinceañera scrapbook:

 – Set scrapbook paper out on the tables and have your guests write notes of advice and wisdom for you. You can then cut these up and use them in your layouts, or use them as a whole page.

 – Cut a sheet of the paper in half and glue it to another to make a pocket so you can insert things like car, pictures, or small knickknacks from your party.

– Cut swatches from ribbons, decorations, etc and incorporate them in your design.

– Scrapbook pages don’t always have to be flat, have fun adding all kinds of embellishments!

 I saved the cover for last. I used the Simplicity Quinceañera Organza fabric and covered the book. I then used ribbons and trims from the program and glued them down. The big flower is from a recent craft project. I used one of the party favor bags as a fluffy background for the flower. I added more crystals – you can never have too many crystals, right?

Make some memory tins: There are also little tins on the line. You can use the leftover stickers to dress them up to hold mementos that don’t fit in your scrapbook.
Thanks for checking out my project! Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Simplicity. Stay tuned for a new quinceañera project next week!

Love, Maya
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