CRAFT: Spring Flower Mash up

Finally, it’s spring! I was in need of some color pop in my hair. (As you can see, the magenta wasn’t enough) What better way than to make flower petal mash-up barrettes? I found these flowers on sale at my local Michaels store, so of course I grabbed a variety of colors! I took them all apart then decorated them and then put them back together in different layers and colors.

What’s cool is that you can use these as hair clips, for gift packages, as pins or on headbands, whatever you want! Here is one as a pin on my purse!


Separate the petals on all the flowers as shown, and saving the pistol.

Next, add some more color POP using Tulip Beads In A Bottle! This is definitely going to turn heads!

For each color, decorate it in a different way to add contrast in the design. From experimenting, I found it was easier to use Aleene’s Brush On Tacky Glue to apply the glitter!

I used Tulip Fabric Markers  to draw on some cute designs. Let the petals dry before placing them together.

After they are all dry, and stack them in contrasting colors and by size. You can also trim with scissors if you need to, anything to make them look good! Then, glue on any backing of your choice.

Ta Daaaaaah! Here they are! Now I’m ready to enjoy spring time the appropriate way! You can use these as pins, the final touch on a shirt, hat, or purse. OR you can even attach them back on to the stems to make a bouquet!

Love, Maya
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