Worst Anniversary Ever

I think we’ve all been here before. One time a boyfriend of mine (ex now, THANK GOODNESS) picked me up from class, (of course, me being a romantic, thought he was going to surprise me with a nice lunch, or something sweet..) I get in the car and two of his friends are there. Not quite the most romantic thing in the world…The whole car ride is an intense discussion about the hot weather, dental hygiene, and why I have five Chihuahuas(WHY WOULDN’T I HAVE 5?!) Next thing I know he’s dropping me off at my house. No chocolates?! No cheesy stuffed animals?! No sappy hand written love letters?! I hear this lovely phrase as I exit the lovemobile:
  “Oh, Happy Anniversary by the way! I love you! Bye!” (quoted directly from the jerkface himself)

…Did that JUST happened? Let’s just say that relationship didn’t last too long! Look, I’m not saying EVERY anniversary needs to be extravagant, but don’t dump your girlfriend off to hang with your friends! At least give me..er…her…something creative and cute to remember!!! I’m just a hopeFUL romantic 😉

Okay, I’m done. 🙂
(VIDEO FROM: http://hellogiggles.com/)

Love, Maya
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