How to Make Shrinky Dink Portrait Charms!

 This is cool way to turn your pictures into comic book looking plastic charms! Why? Why not? You can use them as ornaments or simply impress your friends…”Look I made you into a plastic charm!” Um, anyway, here is how you make them.

1 sheet of frosted Shrinky Dinks
1 fine line permanent marker
Assorted permanent markers in assorted colors
Picture, printed at 5×7 size
White craft paint
White glitter
Clear nail polish
Embossing gun with a silicone mat OR toaster oven and cookie sheet
Hole punch

 Step one: Slip the picture under the sheet of Shrinky Dinks, frosted side up. Trace the outline of the hair, face, nose, all the details. If you want, you can use a pencil first and then go over it with the marker.

 It should look like this! (This is my big bro)

 Fill in with color on the frosted side! Punch a hole at the top, and shrink according to the package directions. It will shrink to about 2.5″ or so.

 Paint the backs with white paint,t his will make them really pop, then add white glitter, let dry and coat with clear polish. Add the ribbon through the top!

– Cupcake toppers
– Party favors
– Mixed media
– Christmas ornaments
– Necklace pendants
– Ceiling hangings

Love, Maya
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