24 Love Tingles in 24 Hours: Wax Your Roses!

Don’t be sad when the roses your boyfriend gave you begin to wilt. Keep the buds in your vase – and your relationship – intact by waxing your roses. Not only do they look as gorgeous as that Victoria’s Secret nightie you bought, they’ll last a long time!

Double boiler (pot of boiling water with a pot on top)
Paraffin Wax
Paper towels
Oven mitts
Large wood or metal spoon
String and clip (like a clothesline)

Directions: Place the paper towels under the clothesline so the wax won’t get on the floor. Heat the wax in the double boiler according to package directions. Put on the oven mitts and pick up one of the roses and insert it in the wax. Use the spoon to drip it on hard-to-get areas (like the center). Clip it upside down on the clothesline. Note: Strip the leaves ahead of time, or wax them too. Who wants a perky flower with saggy leaves? Not us!
Love, Maya
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