I was the victim of a robbery tonight.

My laptop was my livelyhood.

I used it for all my college prep and homework, my essays, blogging, videos, music recordings, photography and more. It’s how I earn my money for college, supplies, gas money, building my brand and website, etc.

Tonight after dinner, I was sitting in Starbucks with my study group, working on my math homework, tapping away on the keys on my laptop when a guy ran by and ripped it right out my hands. One of my friends chased after him, even grabbed his hair, but he got away by jumping in a getaway car. Turns out that it’s common for thugs to stake out coffeehouses and steal laptops right from people’s hands.

I filed a police report, but I know I’ll never get the laptop back. I know it is just a material object that can be replaced and I am so thankful that no one was hurt. VERY thankful. I feel like this experience really made me grow up and see that sometimes the world is not such a sunshiny place – there are a lot of sucky, mean folks out there. I feel like I lost a part of myself, violated. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this feeling. It motivates me to ALWAYS be on guard and be prepared for anything! What makes it hurt the most is that this laptop was a gift from my uncle. He was so proud of me for going to ASU that he bought me the laptop to help me with school. I dread having to tell him what happened.

My heart goes out to anyone who has been robbed before, big or small, it is a horrible experience to deal with. I feel blessed to have had to support of my friends and family tonight, they helped me stay strong in every way possible.

– If you are using your laptop at a public place, do not sit on the end seat of the table, you are an easy target.
– Make sure you know your serial number to your laptop.
– If you have a Mac, sign up for iCloud – they can track your laptop! (I didn’t do this)
– If it is stolen, immediately change your passwords to all your accounts.
– File a police report and call in your laptop’s serial number to the Mac store (if it is a Mac!), they will confiscate it if it is ever brought in.
– Don’t fight the robber over your computer, just let them take it, it’s not worth risking your life over!
– Always make sure to backup your files.

Now that I’m home, reality has set in that my lifeline to my small business has been handicapped. Yes, life will go on! Luckily, I can share my parents computer until I can afford to buy myself a new laptop! I already have about half of it in savings, thank goodness! No matter what, I will do my best to keep blogging and making videos, it’s become part of my life!

Sooo..In case there are any of you out there who are looking for a creative, resourceful way to invest your cash and bring yourself good karma, I’ve set up a donation button below and on the side bar. 

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Thank you so much for reading this! Now go have a wonderful day, I’m going to try and do that too!
Live in the moment!
Love, Maya
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15 Replies to “I was the victim of a robbery tonight.”

  1. Aloha Maya, So sorry to hear that. I’ve gotten ripped off at my local Starbucks twice. Once they stole the tire of my car and kicked the fender in, and just a couple of months ago my window was broken into and my workout gear which I use to personal train got ripped off. But what was worst I found all my personal items scattered all over the public parking lot. It was humiliating to say the least. I made a police report, they tried to help as much as they could and Starbucks well just couldn’t do anything. Considering they have no cameras in their parking lot. So I feel ya, Sorry it happen to you, even here in Hilo, Hawaii it is really common. I believe magic happens, and know you’ll have what you need real soon. The best thing is you’re safe, and didn’t get hurt. That said you’re really lucky.


  2. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I have a daughter who goes to school in Baltimore and last year her apartment was robbed and her laptop was taken (along with all her vintage jewelry, cash, her CD collection, her DVD collection and a jar of quarters for laundry). Of all the things gone, it was her laptop that mattered most because her life was in it…her school work and all of her photos (she’s a photo student) and music, etc. And of course, she was traumatized and ended up coming home to the pacific northwest and losing the second semester. I know how you feel.

    You’re right about at least it being only a laptop. At least you were not hurt.

    One thing that helped my daughter and you can think about it when you replace your laptop, is that I had gotten her a Time Machine external drive and it was set to back everything up on a regular basis, through her own wi-fi in her apartment so although they took her entire laptop, she didn’t lose all of the data, only what she had created since the last backup a couple of weeks before it was taken. So at least that was something. If you replace it with a MAC, ask about the external drive with Tine Machine. It is well worth the cost.

    Take care. Shrug your shoulders a bit and go one. It’ll hurt every time you think of it but you will also be stronger for having gone through this and landed on your feet!

    Un abrazo!

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you were a victim of such a thing! I completely understand how you feel. A few months ago my car was broken into sitting in my driveway. They went through everything! I felt so violated…anyhow…I would love to donate but I can’t, as my family has fallen into the need for me to quit my full time job. I instead am sharing your post on my wall. Maybe some of my friends could help you. I am trying to start my own business, Blue Moon Creation, but it has been a year in the making and still wishing it would take off. Please message me if you would like to try and come together with some marketing ideas for spreading the word about our small business venture. Ok, enough shop talk, hugs to you…I’m sorry this is all I have to offer.

  4. FYI: Goodwill here in Omaha takes donations of computers and other electronics, fixes what they can for resale and recycles the rest. Computers are $200 or less. You might want to look into that.

    Glad you didn’t get hurt. Being mugged is nasty.

  5. oh Maya that sucks!! I’m so sorry that has happened to you, but I’m so thankful you weren’t physically hurt.

    Sadly this does happen all the time. A couple year ago, Rob was walking Bettie by Starbucks by our apt and saw the same!!! The thief ran out the door and almost stepped on Bettie. Rob and Bettie ran after the thief as did a couple of other people with Bettie barking her head off of course! They also got away but because Rob was able to get a partial plate number we’re pretty sure the cop found the guy.

    I’ll help spread the word and with all your fans, hopefully you’ll have your new laptop very soon! xoxoxo

  6. Maya, so sorry to read about this! I had my laptop stolen when my house was broken into a few years ago. It’s not so much the material items, (although that does sting) it’s the feeling of being violated. Right now it seems as though that feeling will never go away, but w/ time it will. Nice job w/ prevention tips, too. I’m sending good vibes your way!

  7. OMG!!! What is this world coming to when you can’t even sit and have a cup of coffee without fear of someone ripping you off! Let me look at my finances…I can certainly use the exposure! Take a look at my site and let me know what you think! http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/night_owl2704 Just let your mom let you put glitter on some of your stuff…I know glittering makes me feel better. LOL Hang in there, Chica…everything will turn out just fine. Tu eres una inspiracion para todas las chicas latinas! Gracias.

  8. you are a talented spirit that brings color to an otherwise grey world. so sorry this had to happen to you of all people. your positive outlook and thoughtfulness of others is a testament to your character. keep on going after your dreams, don’t ever stop!

  9. I really feel you, Maya! Last September, I had my laptop stolen right from my own home by one of my former roommate’s friend. I still don’t have a laptop of my own yet. Like you, I am borrowing my parents’ laptop. I wasn’t that upset when my laptop was stolen because I was robbed twice when I lived in Utah 10 or 11 years ago. It was a good thing I filed a city police report because the sheriff was going to arrest me when they found my stolen things strewn across the lakeside 8 miles away from where I was robbed. I will never forget how violated, embarrassed and mortified I felt. Even though the two bad, yucky experiences happened, they taught me not to take material things for granted and be a little more prepared. They also taught me to appreciate life by letting go of old things. It actually made it easier for me to prioritize my stuff, keep what’s important and get rid of things that are not. So, when my laptop was gone, I didn’t get as upset as I thought I would be because I remembered I still have my life, my family & my friends! Great tips you have listed above! I will share this on my social media outlets!

    *Hugs* I am SO glad you’re going to be okay!

  10. Sorry to hear this happened to you.

    You pass along some good points.

    Did your Starbucks have a video camera?

    If not, I would definitely encourage everyone posting here to start a “campaign” in your local Starbucks to get them installed. Or with any business you solicit that has Wi-Fi.

    I am going to ask my local Starbucks if they have one…if not,I am going to tell them once word gets around(thru the Internet,etc.) about these potentially dangerous thefts;they might find themselves with less customers because no one will feel safe being there. They can help by installing some prominent video cameras…for EVERY ONE’s safety.

    Please pass this along to your friends,family,etc. This can happen to anyone. Lets help each other out by putting a stop to this crime.

  11. Sweetie, life is a series of adventures and misadventures–thus we grow and learn. I am so very sorry this happened to you; but thank God you are safe. Maybe you can write a song about it–turn this evil to good somehow. And next time you get your Air, invest in something to attach it. If nothing else, a regular C clamp holding it to the table should at least make would-be robbers look for someone else as their easy mark. 🙂

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